Campus Celebrity: Elly Rewcastle, Founder of Undertone Mag

Name: Elly Rewcastle

Course: Second year Multimedia-Journalism

Claim to fame: Founder and Editor-In-Chief of

At Bournemouth University there are plenty of blogging projects to get involved with, but one that really stands out is Undertone - a music blog run by Elly Rewcastle. Set up in January 2013, Elly hoped to fill in a gap she had noticed in journalism and set up a website that covers all genres and is easy to write for.

Fast forward one year and Undertone has become a roaring success, reaching over 13,000 unique visitors and securing interviews with bands like Boyzone and Mayday Parade. This didn’t just happen by magic, Elly says she puts a lot of work into running the site: "Undertone keeps me extremely busy. Editor is an incredible job, I get to deal with all kinds of people in the industry. I work with the best team of editors and I am very lucky to have the chances and contacts I do."

Elly hopes to target young adults with Undertone but "it's for people who love music and for people who want to get an idea of what bands and shows are like. We hope to give an influential look into the music world from one group of fans to another" she says.

Running Undertone has many benefits. Elly explains that the website has helped her degree: "I have further chances to write news, features and I have also developped multi-media skills that have greatly benefitted the second year of my degree. It's been a great opportunity for me to practice these skills and my writers and editors have equally benefitted from the site". Her favourite aspect of Undertone is the chance it gives her to interview so many great artists, "I recently got confirmation on an interview with one of my favourite bands" Elly announced.

After university, Elly plans to keep working on Undertone and make it grow in success, “I hope to make a business out of it and hopefully make it grow into a bigger platform that branches out into print...that's the dream.”

Any budding music journalists who want to get involved with Undertone follow this link or [email protected]