8 Things BU Students Can Relate To

1. You have taken a spontaneous trip to the beach after a night out, despite the fact it is 3am and absolutely freezing ! We can at least pretend we are in a hot country I suppose ?

2. In the spare of the moment (after a lot of £1 jaeger bombs at Toast), you have got on the pole with your girl pals thinking it is absolutely hilarious. Yep, you’re right, it's not funny just totally embarrassing !

3. Missing the uni bus by one minute is the worst thing ever. Waiting another 10 minutes for the next one feels like days.  

4. Rejecting the weekly flyer for Lollipop has become a task. Do you simply say no or just take one to be polite, only for it to be screwed up at the bottom of your bag for the year ? Dilemma.

5. Waiting for your number to come up on the screen in Dylan’s Bar is torture – minutes feel like hours as you watch your friends smugly collect their food !  

6. You can definitely tell an AUB student from a BU student. There is a difference, trust us.  

7. You’ve lost track of how many Subway's you have eaten after a night out. It’s just too tempting at the time but always regretted the morning after.

8. The amount of promoters commenting on the Bournemouth University Facebook pages is beyond frustrating. They are pretty much the only notifications any student receives nowadays.

  1. Walking to the top floor of the Weymouth house makes you feel like you’ve just ran the marathon. Never a good idea to walk these when you are late – the lift is a lot easier!
  2. Living off Lidl's 18 pence noodles is completely acceptable, right?