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7 Illegal Things You’ve Probably Done

In the big mean world of nasty criminals, you may think you’ve never really broken a law – but reality is different. As we grow up and as we just try to get through uni, there are many illegal things that slip into our daily routines, so even though you may not be robbing banks, you’re probably not as innocent as you think. Here are seven things that we’ve all done at some point or another that are actually against the law.
1.)  Pick’n’Mix Theft
Flashback to when you were younger: aged 6 or 7 riding around the streets on your scooter, several penny pieces jiggling around in your pocket trying to avoid the bumps on the pavement on your way to the corner shop. Admit it, you placed 50 pence worth of penny sweets into your bag, then when the owner turned his back to serve another customer you would sneak a few more. What a naughty child you were.
2.)  iTunes content
Oh, so you’ve decided you need to upgrade your Ipod to store all those illegally purchased songs on? Another one we’ve all done – downloading music without actually paying for it, because let’s face it, music is expensive and us students just cant afford to spend our money when we can get it free – well technically! Take Ed Sheerans 2011 ‘+’ album which was illegally downloaded on average 55,512 times each month. Even Ed said himself “eternal love for anyone that owns a copy of “+’, however you got hold of it, legal or illegal.” Ed told us we’re off the hook, so I guess it’s fine.
3.)  Streaming TV
You couldn’t just wait until next week’s episode of Game of Thrones or Pretty Little Lairs now could you? No, because you’re too impatient and the suspense is killing you. So instead you’re going to head over to the American tv sites and stream the next episode.  You really couldn’t help yourself. And lets not think about TV licenses alright?
4.)  Singing Happy Birthday
Curve ball coming your way! ‘Happy Birthday to you’ has been dubbed the world’s most popular song. For over a century now, this simple little rhyme that we’ve all been singing since our own births, has been a traditional piece of music sung to millions of birthday celebrants every year. So what is the legality behind this extremely well known song? Well, it is copyrighted. And any public appearance of it is technically illegal.
5.)  Eating something before you intend to buy it
We all saw it. You popping a grape into your mouth. Of course, your defence is ‘try before you buy’. I’ll hold my hands up and admit it. I have perhaps dabbled in this particular little illegal activity. When I was younger, I used to open a pack of Percy Pigs and walk around the story happily munching, to then arrive at the checkout tills and hand my mother an empty packet. To her utter disgust she would have to pay for them, because she wouldn’t dare argue with the checkout lady who was giving her dirty looks. I can assure you that this no longer happens. I Promise.
6.)  Using someone else’s wifi
I see you loitering near Starbucks for their free wifi, purchasing a coffee to ease your guilty conscience. Or have you signed into some randomers WiFi down the street because they were stupid enough to leave it password free when yours when ka-put? Any unauthorised of WiFi service is illegal and can carry up to two years in prison. Maybe uploading your selfie on Instagram can wait.
7.) Underage drinking
This one makes me giggle. So we’ve all had a cheeky tipple at a family function, when technically our age shouldn’t have allowed us to. Some may have even been cool enough to hang around park benches in large groups on Friday nights and swig at the passing bottle of the excellent quality Lambrini, since that’s all your older brother of sister could get for you. Or if you were brave enough to ruin your reputation and attend the year 9 disco we could have probably found you behind the back of the bike shed, having a sneaky alcoholic beverage or two. Well didn’t you have an exciting teenage life!
Sounds like we best all start listening for the sirens…
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