Wardrobe Revamp: Spring Cleaning Edition

Spring is in the air—the flowers are blooming, trees begin to grow leaves, and the sun feels a little warmer. It is also the time for spring cleaning, time for letting go of the old and bringing in the new! And as the weather gets warmer, that often means a shift in your wardrobe.  This spring, revamp your wardrobe for cheap to step into summer right!

First, look through your closet at last year’s spring fashion. You’ll probably find things you forgot you had, things you can’t believe you once wore, and of course your old favorites. Go through and pick out two or three items of clothing you can get rid of. Take careful note of things that you are emotionally attached to, but never wear. This happens a lot to me: I’ll buy a piece of clothing that I love because of the pattern, style, etc., but then never wear it, because I don’t like how it fits on me or it doesn’t exactly fit in with my style. But because I loved it, I can’t possibly get rid of it (nobody could ever love it as much as me!) However, it’s best to purge your wardrobe of anything you know you won’t wear often.

Now comes the fun part—shopping! But before you break the bank, consider these options first.

Thrift Shopping

Thrift shopping is an awesome place to get clothes for cheap. It is also an awesome place to try out new styles that you wouldn’t otherwise consider.

Make your shopping a little more fun by taking a friend and $20 and create a complete outfit (or two) without going over the budget. (Tip: go on a day the store is having a sale, you can pick up tons!)

When you go thrift shopping, be sure to look through everything! Check out the sizes bigger and smaller than what you normally wear, because you never know what you may find hiding in those sections! Also, take a gander at the men’s sections, particularly t-shirts. Often, there are some awesome finds hidden there. And skim by the shoes. While this may seem gross—nobody wants a beat up pair of sneakers—you might stumble upon some shoes that are brand new or in near new condition for less than you’d find in the store. If they look worn at all, go ahead and give them a pass, but it never hurts to look!


DIY fashion is a great way to customize your wardrobe to your own tastes. And DIY clothes don’t have to be sewing things directly from scratch. It is fun to take clothes you already own and modify them to better fit you, or to give new life to an old piece.

Got old pairs of jeans? Chop off the legs and boom—you have a cute pair of shorts. Got a shirt that is an awesome print, but fits a little baggy? There are dozens of awesome DIY tops that you can give a try that are super simple—just do a quick search on YouTube! And there are millions of adorable accessories that you can craft yourself for cheap. DIYing is super rewarding, and it’ll always make you feel awesome inside when someone asks where you got something and you say, “I made it!”


We all have that one piece of clothing, a pair of shoes, or an accessory that we want super badly. It could’ve been on our wish list forever, but we haven’t exactly felt justified in spending the money on it. However, this spring, treat yourself to one expensive item.

You don’t even have to justify it beyond that! It could just be a reward to yourself for getting through school, or just for being your awesome self. It’ll feel amazing to finally get the one thing you’ve wanted. It’s totally okay to be a little materialistic every once in a while!


This spring, take the time to spoil yourself a little with a revamp of your wardrobe. Take some time to yourself to shop or bring along a friend. You’ll feel fierce and amazing with some new clothes in your closet—and you’ll be ready to strut into spring in style!