Valentine's Day for Under $20

This year for Valentine's Day, show some love to your significant other - and also to your wallet! Valentine's Day is just one of those days that can cause a fairly regular bout of anxiety from year to year. This year, spend a little more time loving and a little less time worrying... avoid extra stress with these truly sweet Valentine's deals (all for under $20!). 
1. Reflect back on all the good times you’ve shared with your loved ones by printing your Instagram photos! Printstagram will print your photos straight off your account for a reasonable price. For just $12 and a flat rate for shipping, you can have 24 perfectly square prints of you and your significant other, your friends, and your family delivered to your apartment. Create a DIY gift by arranging the photos into a meaningful collage. Or, turn separate photos into sweet Valentine’s cards with meaningful words written on the back. 
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2. Set the mood around your house on Valentine’s Day by decorating with easy finds from the dollar store. Buy balloons, streamers and confetti to hang over doorways and windows. 
Scatter Hershey’s Kisses or mini Reese’s cups around candles placed over table tops. With roughly $10 you could afford a variety of different colored balloons, candies, confetti and candles. The only thing you have to do next is invite your friends over for a sweet and simple Valentine's party! Check out Martha Stewart's ideas for cute Valentine's you can give to your friends and loved ones. 
3. Surprise your loved one the morning of with a special Valentine's breakfast! Buy heart-shaped cookie cutters from Walmart to cut out soft fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, or melon in a holiday-spirited way. 
You can also use the same cookie cutter to make heart-shaped pancakes or toast. Serve with strawberry-flavored yogurt to add a dash of pink to your creation. 
Voila! A sweet surprise for cheap. Your total for the cookie cutters, fruit, yogurt and pancake mix should come out to just under $20!
4. If you’re in a hurry for a Valentine's gift that still feels personal and thoughtful, swing downtown to UrbanOutfitters. Their quirky Valentine's cards are fun and adorable, with catchy lines such as: “I love the [email protected]#$ out of you!” The best part? They’re only $4 per card. Another $10 and you can buy an adorable macaroon shaped trinket box. 

5. Head down to the Boise Towne Square Mall and pick up a set of adorable heart earrings from Icing's Queen of Hearts Collection. Cut up a set into individual pairs and place in gift bags for an affordable gift for each of your girlfriends! 

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