#ThrowbackThursday: Two Thumbs Up for Spring Fling 2016!

Could anyone have imagined a better way to kick off the start of summer? I couldn’t!

Boise State’s Student Involvement and Leadership Center (SILC) really hit it out of the park by inviting back Kalliope and The Walter Show.  With food, music, and entertainment, all of our bases were covered to have a fabulous party where everyone felt welcomed.  In case you missed it, here’s a quick break down of what happened at Spring Fling 2016!

On Saturday April 23rd, what did you feel like for dinner? Maybe some street tacos? What about macaroni and cheese?  If all else fails, some Hawaiian teriyaki probably sounded good; maybe followed by Ben & Jerry’s? In case you were wondering, yes, these were all viable food options at Spring Fling.  Even writing these options down made my mouth water! The best decision for the night could have been to get a little something from every food truck so you could have experience all the amazing food!  Overall, the food was AMAZING.

Before you eat that delicious food (or maybe 30 minutes after you finish eating) you had the chance to experience some incredible carnival rides! In my opinion, the four rides had four levels to them, ranging from “easy” to “you might be crazy.”

Starting at “easy” was the three-person slide, where you could race your friends and Snapchat the experience all the way down to the bottom! Moving up the ladder to “this looks fun!” is a ride I’m deeming The Octopus, where it’s (about) eight mechanical arms that hold a two-person cart at the end of each arm. When the ride starts, the cart is raised up, dropped, and twisted for a good five minutes. We were laughing and screaming throughout the whole ride!

Next is the Spaceship, which is the classic ride where you stand in a large “room” and are spun around as fast as you can be. The Spaceship, a crowd favorite, comes in at a “not for the faint of heart.” Finally, rounding out our rides at the “you might be crazy” rating, is a wheel. This wheel looked like it was made of a chain linked fence (except much stronger material) and would circle it’s riders 360, which means it’s riders were upside down for half of the ride! A crazy experience, but for the thrill of the rides they were definitely worth our time!

Last, but certainly not least, let's talk about the music!

Kalliope could not have been any higher up from the crowd of dancers on his giant bomb box.  Powered by 70,000 watts of power and accompanied by strobes. laser lights, and firey blasts, this party really was "Fire!”

Kalliope played for the whole five hours of Spring Fling, but if you were there for the last two or three hours, you got to see him go all out for us students. He put on a show! If you couldn’t feel the heat, then you didn’t party as hard as you could have.

Besides food, rides, and dancing, Spring Fling offered some extra activities such as photo booths, a dancing platform on a VW bus, and even a Spring Fling themed board that you could paint on!  Overall, the event was a blast.

If you missed it this year, then make sure you mark your 2017 calendar; it's a necessity for any student's bucket list!