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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Boise State chapter.

Now that we’re almost in the middle of July and two months past graduation (already?) I can say that this summer has been a mix of free time with no responsibilities, and getting to know a new job where I am just starting to feel like I know my way around.

The first month after graduation was the perfect start to my summer and post-grad life of no responsibilities (and no homework), but it’s nice to have a paying job that keeps me occupied.  I have a summer internship with Nordstrom and will hopefully be able to keep working here once that internship is over in the middle of August.

My internship started in the middle/later half of June and I was originally supposed to be in the Kids’ Department, which I was excited for. Working in Kids World seemed to be a great combination of seeing cute clothes and kids all the time, while simultaneously being unable to shop for myself and giving me an extra form of birth control when the kids start misbehaving.

I got to spend two full days in Kids, but then after finding out my manager was moving to a different department, I ended up moving to a different department as well.  I moved up to the designer section, which in case you didn’t know, is a completely and TOTALLY different experience than Kids World. In Kids, there’s some level of crazy because it’s all about kids, but in Women’s Best, everything seems to be calm, cool, and collected. Definitely a big change, but it’s been about three weeks since I’ve made the switch and I’m finally starting to feel comfortable with the work I’m doing.

Nordstrom has been amazing to work for.

In my internship, I work as a salesperson but am also learning about the business so that when my internship is over, I can possibly become an assistant manager.  One of the most amazing things about Nordstrom is the ability to rise through the ranks and get promoted, which is why I wanted to get this internship. I’ve learned so much about what this company does and possible opportunities within the company. Ideally, by learning more about Nordstrom, I hopefully will start to have a better idea about what I’d like to do with my future.

Currently, I have two options that I’d like to explore more in regards to my future; possible career paths/opportunities with Nordstrom, and continuing to take classes in American Sign Language and becoming an interpreter for the deaf.

Right now, I’m taking a year to focus on Nordstrom and take a break from school; because, let’s be honest, this is my first year where I get to choose if I want to go to school or not and I might as well enjoy my (somewhat) freedom while I have it.  Plus, you know, exploring my options and money.

Depending on how all of this goes, my plan is to enroll in the local community college and take more classes in sign language and see how interpreting goes. I don’t have any set plans, and I feel okay about that. This is my time to take chances, get messy, make mistakes (thank you Miss Frizzle) and really figure out what I want to do with my life. I thought starting college was where I really needed to decide all of this, but I feel somewhat relieved knowing I can still explore all my options.

Kids, enjoy this time of your life. Don’t feel pressured to stick to one career path  Make mistakes and learn from them. That’s my life lesson of the day.

Senior at Boise State, Graduating May 2016 English Major with a Minor in American Sign Language