Pinterest Inspired Summer Fashion DIYs

We’re probably all guilty of spending hours browsing through Pinterest, pinning cute crafts that we probably will never make. However, since spring is here—and along with that comes spring fashion—make some cute accessories for yourself! DIYing is super fun, and is not nearly as hard as it seems sometimes. Here are a few Pinterest inspired DIYs to dress up your outfits this spring.

Terrarium Inspired Necklaces

Succulents are super trendy right now, and terrariums are all over the internet. Glass domes and bottles are super whimsical and tiny ones just up the cute factor. Plus, they are super easy and affordable to make! Most craft stores will sell tiny terrariums or bottles, and may even carry filling to go inside. The possibilities are endless. I made a forest and beach inspired one, but you can put anything you want inside—glitter, small notes, beads. Then throw on a chain and your cute necklace is done!

Custom Shirts

You can never have enough shirts. And if you’re like me, you want everything you love plastered on a shirt. Bands. Cats. Plants. Anything that has once piqued my interest, I want to wear it and show it off to the world. And what better way to show your love for something to the world than make your own? Stamps are fairly easy to make, and there are several methods you can use. There’s the good old potato method, which is great for making larger, simple shapes. I made this cactus shirt by using some stamps I made out of erasers. I used a knife to carve out the shape of each section, and then stamped away! Plain tees only cost a few bucks, and craft paint costs under a dollar a bottle. Pick up some textile medium from a craft store, and you’re good to go! A custom t-shirt for under ten dollars. You can also use stencils or freehand paint if you don’t want to make stamps.

Flower Crowns

Summer wouldn’t be summer without flowers. The dreary winter world awakens in a wonderful display of color this time of year. And it is only appropriate that we have floral everything. Flower crowns are magical. Not only are they cute for the summertime, but they also make you feel like a beautiful fairy princess (and let’s be honest—who doesn’t want to feel like a fairy princess?) They are also super simple to make. Fake flowers are easy to come by in any size you want. I went with lots of small flowers to make a thicker crown, but you can use less or more. A quick search on YouTube will bring up dozens of tutorial videos. I made mine by gluing the flowers to wire, then wrapping them together. The minute you put it on, I promise you that you’ll feel magical.

Floral Accents

There are probably about a million ways to dress up anything with flowers. This floral lace trim can be found at craft stores, but is also inexpensive on websites like Etsy. There are tons of ways to use it. I cut a section and attached it to elastic, making a floral headband. I also cut a piece that fit around my neck, and attached necklace clasps to the end and made a pretty floral choker. And I also cut single flowers, added some pretty orange beads and put them on earring hooks. The possibilities don’t end there. You can glue them onto old jeans or old bags, making them pretty and floral. Dress up a tank top by trimming the straps and replacing them with the lace. If you’re anywhere as obsessed with floral everything as I am, this floral trim will become your new best friend.

Flower Bead Jewelry

These beaded daisy chains are super easy to make, and can be made in tons of different color combinations, as well as size combinations. Here, I made a cute choker, but I’ve also made a bracelet with it. These beaded chains look super dainty, and are a perfect accessory for springtime. Also, chokers are really popular right now as 90’s fashion makes a return, and so this cute necklace is a summertime spin on the trend.  There are lots of videos on YouTube walking you through the process, and this one is the one I used to make mine.


This summer, take it upon yourself to DIY some new staples. It’s inexpensive and fun, and adds charm and character to your outfits. Hit up Pinterest and the craft store and get crafting!