The One

Where would we be without Disney? The idea of our Prince Charming rescuing us from whatever hell we are living in and then going to spend the rest of our lives together in a castle gave us all so much hope.  Love at first sight was a thing, as well as woodland animals helping you with your chores, but as I got older, I realized this is a somewhat terrifying concept.  How do you know if you’ve found “The One?”

The idea of the one probably starts to become terrifying for most when they first start dating or seeing their first serious boyfriend.  Maybe you were lucky and found the mystical “One” right away, but for many the dating world changes our Disney expectations.  You might like them and want to see them again, but when does love become a reality?  You have to work your way to that point instead of just gazing into his eyes and seeing him for who he truly is.  

Not to mention, how can you tell the difference between loving a person and knowing he’s “The One?” I like to think they should go hand in hand, but then I see couples who have been together for years and then they get divorced.  After about twenty years together, some people just have to call it quits which I find somewhat incredible.  What didn’t work? Were they just not “The One?”  These ideas make me nervous.  What if they weren’t “The One?”

What if “The One” just doesn’t exist? Even as I write this, I feel these ideas spiraling out of control under me because this concept just seems too big to comprehend and explain.  People make “The One” out to be some sort of unicorn, but why does it have to be?  I’ve always liked to believe that everyone has a few different soulmates in this world, but when people start talking about “The One,” I start to think that there really is only one person out there.  Honestly, the idea of “The One” is great, but there also seems to be too much pressure surrounding this phrase.

Going into any relationship, you should be open minded.  If you get that feeling that “He’s the One,” then good for you.  If not, don’t freak out.  Love at first sight is nothing like Disney made it out to be.  Relationships are made to go at their own pace, so put the ideas of soulmates and weddings away until you know if that would be something you would want with him.