Mental Health & Me: Getting Help

Taking care of yourself can be expensive, and improving your mental health is no exception. We here at Her Campus Boise State have taken the time to find some easily available (and affordable) options so that you don’t have to.

Boise State University Student Health Services

The university offers mental health screening as well as on-site counselling services.

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Suicide Prevention Hotlines

If you or a loved one is contemplating suicide and are looking for help, there are 24 hour hotlines that you can call. Volunteers make the time to man these lines to help make sure that everyone who needs someone to talk to has the opportunity, at any time.

National: 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Idaho: 1-800-564-2120

Dial ‘211’

In many states, by dialing ‘211’ you are able to connect with a specialist that can refer you to a local or regional resource for what you need, including health care and counselling services. This is great if you’re overwhelmed about where to go or how to go about getting help, especially if you’re new to an area.

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Online Mental Health Services

There are some well-rated sites online that make it possible for you to connect to someone no matter where you are. Sites like Seven Cups of Tea and BlahTherapy make talking to someone, whether a stranger or a licensed therapist, possible, primarily anonymous, and incredibly affordable based on your needs.

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Contact Your Health Care Provider

When all else fails, contact your regular health care provider. Often, they can either directly get you the help you need or refer you to someone who can. They’re also already well-versed with your personal needs, so they’ll be able to find the right help for you, as well as potentially help you find someone local who is also easy on the budget.