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Megan Nanna: Style is Her Profession

Name: Megan Nanna.
Age: 20.
Major: Graphic design.
Relationship Status: Single.
Hometown: Sandy, OR.
Her Campus Boise State: What brought you to Boise State?
Megan Nanna: It felt similar to Oregon: a perfect change, but also not too far from home.
HC: What is your favorite thing about Boise?
MN: It’s a very down to earth town. The city is super clean and fresh- definitely an outdoorsy-type place. 
HC: Tell our readers about where you work! 
MN: I work for the Arbiter!
HC: What do you do for the Arbiter?
MN: I’m the Graphic Design Manager.
HC: What’s the most difficult part of your job?
MN: Hm… that’s a good question. I guess– finding time to make everything we produce beautiful! 
HC: What else are you involved with on campus? 
MN: I take a lot of photos around campus for football games and other events… There’s so many things I want to do! It’s hard to choose what to do with my time. When I can, I like to get involved with projects that promote equality on campus.
HC: What are you passionate about?
MN: A lot of things! My biggest passion is definitely photography and getting people to see things differently. I want people to see that there’s something beautiful about everything around us. I could pretty much look at anything and find something good or beautiful about it. 
HC: How did you get into photography?
MN: When I was a kid, my dad just handed me one of his old cameras and I went wild with it! I got my first Pentax when I was 7 and after that, I always documented everything! I just like to take pictures of the things I find beautiful and keep them.
HC: How do you spend your free time?
MN: Taking pictures, of course; going downtown with friends and meeting new people; hiking, and anything that has to do with outdoors; and learning…
HC: Do you have a dream or goal for after graduation?
MN: I’d like to travel the world and take pictures of people and beautiful places and document them. I want to try and give everybody an “eye” for the differences in the world… and help them see it in another way…
HC: What and who inspires you?
MN: Along with my dad, my first thought is a family I met in Costa Rica that changed my life. I’ve never met people so open and loving to me, just within hours of our first meeting. In America, I find it takes a while to really get to know anybody. My experience in Costa Rica was very different, and that experience made me want to travel more!
HC: You’ve talked about wanting to help people to try to see and understand things beyond themselves. How would you encourage people to see the beauty around them?
MN: My biggest tip is to meet people. Learn about them. Understand that they are different, why they are different and that it’s GREAT that they’re different! Embrace other cultures and don’t be ignorant. It is easy to be close-minded about culture while living in America, but it’s important to keep in mind that there is never “one single way” to do anything!
HC: That’s a great answer. Now, to put you on the spot, whats the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
MN: I plan to go skydiving one day, but so far my answer would probably be staying with a host family in Costa Rice. It was a great, eye-opening experience. I would recommend it to anyone– but you really have to be mentally ready for it. As far as doing strange things, I have tried a lot of “crazy” foods that other people typically aren’t willing to try! Otherwise…hmm… well, I got up on stage in Vegas. I guess that was pretty crazy…
HC: That’s awesome! What’d you do on stage, if you don’t mind me asking? ;)
MN: I think they were trying to hypnotize me, but it didn’t really work. They actually mumbled to me to just go along with it. I was literally just acting on the stage!!
HC: Thanks Megan! Get a glimpse of Megan’s work in each edition of the Arbiter– published on Mondays and Thursdays!
Photo courtesy of Megan Nanna. 


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Kara Stefani

Boise State

Hey there!   My name is Kara Stefani and I am in my third year of college, majoring in Psychology from Boise State University as well as minoring in Sociology, Family Studies, and Dance.  I currently work at the Women's Center on campus (not affiliated with HerCampus) as a Healthy Relationships Peer Educator, and enjoy it thoroughly.  I'm involved on campus as Vice President of the Psi Chi Honor Society as well as an active member of the Boise State University Secular Alliance.  Recently I have joined an organization called The Representation Project, and hope to encourage the representation of women as dynamic, leadership characters in the media.  This message is important to me, as I believe the future begins with our understanding of reality from a young age; what impacts young people more than the constant bombarding media?  On that note, EVERYONE fo EVERY age should go see Frozen. (:   As a writer for Boise State's HerCampus chapter, I hope to gain writing experience, as well as be a part of a fun team promoting involvement and community here at Boise State!   This is just a bit of what I am passionate about!  Don't hesitate to contact me if you have questions, ideas for an article, or comments about my work.Thanks and enjoy!-Kara Stefani (:
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