Meet Campus Cutie Morgan!

 Meet the first cutie of the semester, Morgan Alexis Pearson!  She’s a sweet, small town girl who’s totally down to Earth.


HC: Congrats on being the first cutie of the semester!  First off, tell us your age and where you’re from!

Morgan: I’m I’m from good ol’ Buhl, Idaho.  There are literally two stop lights (it’s really small.) I’m 20 but I’m turning 21 in T-minus 2 days!

We can tell you’re excited!  What’s your major & year?

M: Art Education, 3rd Year

HC: What’s your favorite sport?

M: Volleyball, because of the satisfaction that comes when you make a kill.  My favorite is position is outside hitter.

HC: What is your favorite BSU tradition?

M: Hmmm that’s hard.  Tailgating and pregame festivities for sure. 

HC: What is your best class this semester?

M: My swimming class, because you don’t have to think.

HC: What is your dream job?

M: Well, I’m going into art education so I want to be an art teacher – but my dream job would probably be working at a zoo.  I would love to work at a zoo.  That would be so much fun because you get to be with exotic animals all the time.

HC: Who is your favorite avenger?

M: Oh my gosh I don’t even know.  Iron Man is probably my favorite, honestly.  But I’m not really super into it so I don’t why I love him.

HC: Where is your dream vacation destination?

M: Tahiti for sure.  Do I need to explain? I’d love to stay in those little huts on the water.

HC: Do you have a favorite sports team?

M: Denver Broncos!  My family loves them so I’ll have to go with that.

HC: What’s your favorite drink from Dutch Bros?

M: If it’s iced, I like the Annihilator.  If it’s hot, I like the Cocomo!

HC: Peanut butter or jelly? That’s a tough one.  Peanut butter.  Only if it’s the crunchy kind.

M: What is your relationship status? Single and ready to mingle! Just kidding – but really I am single.