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Meet Campus Cutie and Athlete, Mason Hampton!

Our cutie this week is an awesome, laidback dude - and we love it!
HC: First, let’s get to know you. What is your full name?
Mason: Mason John Hampton
HC: How old are you?
M: 19, almost 20
HC: When is your birthday
M: October 19
HC: Where are you from?
M: Meridian ID
HC: What are your interests/hobbies?
M: Most of my time is taken up playing football here at Boise State, but when I’m not playing I enjoy playing beach volleyball, go out with my friends, snowboard in the winter, and pretty much anything outside.
HC: What made you choose Boise State University?
M: Well, growing up in the valley I always wanted to be a Bronco playing football, so that helped a lot in me choosing a school.
HC: What year are you in college?
M: I am a sophomore.
HC: What is your major?
M: My major is criminal justice.
HC: What do you want to do with that major?
M: Hopefully be a federal agent later in life and work for the ATF or the Marshalls. 
HC: What do the ATF and the Marshalls do?
So the ATF is alcohol, tobacco, and fire arms and explosives so they regulate all of the guns and alcohol and things like that. As for the US Marshalls, I want to be a deputy there and they do a lot of different stuff from witness protection to special forces teams and stuff like that.
HC: What is your dream job?
M: My dream job would have to be no job haha. Ummm, let me think. I would enjoy something where I can be outdoors, but I want to start off as a cop and then work up to being a higher up agent.
HC: Awesome!  What's something unique about yourself?
M: I have three older sisters, which makes me the baby boy and most people don’t grow up like that so it’s kinda different. 
HC: So you play for the football team...what is your position?
M: I play center.
HC: What is the best part of playing for Boise State University?
It would just have to be hanging out with all of the guys and going on road trips. The camaraderie. 
HC: Favorite professional football team?
M: I am a Patriots fan. Everybody hates me for it but they’re my team. I like to Seahawks too. 
HC:Are you single or in a relationship?
M: Single.
HC: What are the best and worst dates you’ve ever been on?
M: Best date was probably when I took this girl ice skating and then we went to the bottom of Table Rock and just laid out talking so we really go to know each other. It was a good time. I like doing outdoorsy stuff for dates, that’s always fun. The worst date was probably the Sweethearts dance my junior year of high school. I just felt like the girl was not interested and it was just so annoying. We went to dinner and then we went to the dance. She just wasn’t very social or talkative and it just wasn’t my favorite. The awkward silence was super weird. 
HC: Boo! What is your favorite female attribute?
M: Are we talking personality wise or physical wise?
HC: Let’s do both!
M: Okay, I like hair.. It’s weird. I don’t really have a preference, but when I see it I will know if I like it. It’s not really the color or anything, but I do like long, pretty hair. Personality wise I like a girl with a sense of humor, who can take my jokes even if they are sometimes centered at her. 
HC: Quick! Lightning round!
- Favorite color? Blue
- Favorite food? Hamburgers
- Favorite drink? Umm, none? Water... coke?? No, water.
- Favorite animal? Grizzly bear
- Favorite movie? There are way too many of those. Umm, probably any comedy or scary movie.
- Favorite singer or group? My favorite group is probably Mumford and Sons
- Favorite place to hang or chill? McCall or anyplace where I can play sand volleyball.
- Dream car? A tricked out Jeep.
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