Looking for a Laugh? Download the British Slang Converter!

Bored on a Saturday night?  Need an excuse to procrastinate just a bit longer?  Look no further - download the British Slang Converter app today!

This hilarious app lets you translate text into multiple British slangs.  Yes, there are multiples!  The same way an American from Georgia wouldn't sound like an American from California, the Brits (or Blightys, as they say) have some varying accents.  

This app features the Posh slang (think proper British - would you fancy a spot of tea, love?) as well as Cockney (similar to Michael Caine, AKA Batman's butler from the Dark Knight) and Pirate slang - which is self explanatory, matey.  Most importantly, the app can teach you some British text slang (this would definitely come in handy if you were to study abroad in the UK)!


The app even lets you speak into your phone, or simply type or paste text into the handy converter.  Download the app today and brush up on the slang!  You never know when you'll run into a cute Brit (;

Oh, David you handsome lad.