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Jeff Wall: Drumming His Way Into Girls’ Hearts

Get your popcorn ready and your gatorade on deck because the votes are in and HC Boise State has selected (drum roll please)…. the musically talented (and very attractive) Jeff Wall as this week’s Campus Cutie.

Quick Facts:

Name: Jeff Wall.

Age: 21.

Hometown: Dana Point, California.

Major: Business and Economics.

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius.

Her Campus Boise State: HC Boise State is wondering… as a buisness and economics major, what do you plan on doing with your degree after college?

Jeff Wall: I am currently interning for St. Luke’s hospital in Boise and I would love to get into the field of health economics and work for a hospital someday.

HC: That is really interesting. Health economics sounds really cool. Next question: you seem to me like a guy with a lot of hobbies. Care to share some of your favorites? 

JW: Yes, for sure! I really love music, dancing, drumming, snowboarding, comedic bits, skateboarding, go-proing, and body surfing.

HC: That defintely sounds like an awesome list. Can you tell me more about your passion for drumming?

JW: Yeah, I actually was on Drumline for Boise State my freshman year and it was a great experince. I now am a recreational drummer in a band with my roommates.

HC: What type of music do you guys play?

JW: We play a wide range of genres and a lot of fun covers. For instance, All Star by Smashmouth is definitely a favorite of mine.

HC: Ooh! Us at HC would LOVE to hear you guys play sometime. Let’s switch it up a bit. Slurpees or snowcones? And favorite flavor? 

JW: Slurpee! It is more mobile AND it has a protective rim. Also I enjoy how efficient they are to consume (I am an economics major). My favorite flavor is cherry coke. It gets the job done and it doesn’t turn my tongue blue.

HC: Ah, cherry coke is indeed the best. Can you tell us your favorite quote?

JW: “Nice guys finish first.”

HC: Love it. Do you have a catch phrase?

JW: Too many to decide… haha just kidding. “Could you imagine though?”

HC: I see what you did there. What is your biggest pet peeve in a girl? 

JW: I am going to have to go with when girls don’t laugh at my jokes. Or if a girl knows how to drive stick shift… because I don’t.

HC: What was your most embarrassing moment at Boise State?

JW: It has to be the time I went to the library and I went to take a classic Jeff Wall swig of my watter bottle. The cap was extremely loose and 20 oz. of water splashed all over my lap! There happened to be a girl sitting right by me who looked at me in utter confusion and I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. I then decided to pack up my things and head home, hoping I wouldn’t get hypothermia.

HC: Wish I could’ve been there to witness that. If you were to give  incoming freshman advice about Boise State, what would it be?

JW: Lock your bikes and don’t touch the excellence bell. Am I right?

HC: Yes, I couldn’t agree more. Last question, what are your Valentines Day plans?

JW: I am going home to southern California to a romantic wedding. Don’t worry ladies I am not the groom ;).

HC: Jeff Wall, thank you so much for taking the time for this exclusive HC Boise State interview! Stay tuned for next week’s Campus Cutie.

Boise State Student. Communications and Public Relations major with a minor in History. Member of Boise State PRSSA and intern for Treefort Music Festival. Writer for Her Campus and part time preschool teacher assistant.
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