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Four Undeniable Facts About Queen Bey

While the Super Bowl already feels like a distant memory, certain parts of that day will never leave us: the Broncos winning, the friend that got too drunk at the Super Bowl party, and the halftime show. It was supposed to be Coldplay’s show, but as soon as people heard Beyoncé (and Bruno Mars) were going to perform, people started to flip.  Suddenly, it became Beyoncé’s show with a football game to open and close for her, and some people took to Twitter to share their annoyance.  While I believe we are all entitled to our opinions, there are a few facts about Beyoncé that no one can deny, even if you *gasp* hate Beyoncé.


1. Beyoncé Knows How to Perform:

The woman can sing, dance, and act.  A triple threat, each time she performs she pulls out all the stops.  Beyoncé wants you to enjoy her show, and it’s clear she enjoys performing in this way.  I know some artists (looking at you Selena) who are talented in all three, but can barely do all three at the same time.  Beyoncé has proven she can do it all while still looking flawless.


2. Beyoncé is Successful in her Career and Personal Life: 

Just before the Super Bowl, she dropped a music video without warning and people loved it.  After the Super Bowl, she announced she was going on tour and people loved it.  After the Super Bowl, there were heartwarming pictures of herself, Blue Ivy, and Jay Z standing on the field as Beyoncé rehearsed.  This family looks like a very happy family to me.


3. Beyoncé is a True Professional:

Remember that time Beyoncé was supposed to sing the National Anthem at a sporting event, but she didn’t feel ready to perform so instead she lip-synced to her own voice and then blew everyone away in a press conference a few days later to prove she could sing?  While this may not be the moment to always look up to, it’s a reminder that as a performer, she wants to be perfect and anything less than that is not going to work for her.  Beyoncé had proven her talent before this moment and after this moment, so don’t try to think of this as an excuse to cheat on your test that you don’t feel ready for.


4. Beyoncé is Classy:

Unfortunately, sometimes this seems hard to come by. Her sister got some heat a while back for that tiff with Jay Z, but when has Beyoncé ever done something to be less than proud of?  The Kardashians blow up Twitter once a week with their petty scuffle with Amber Rose, and Beyoncé continues to do what she does best; ignore the drama and focus on her work.  Bravo Beyoncé.

Senior at Boise State, Graduating May 2016 English Major with a Minor in American Sign Language
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