Could YOU Be Boise State's Next Campus Celebrity?

Here at Her Campus Boise State, we get this question a lot - what is a Campus Celebrity?  The answer is simple - campus celebs are all around us!  In fact, you might even have the right qualifications to become one yourself!  Typically, a celeb is someone who is actively involved on campus.  You could be an instructor, a staff member, a founder of an organization on campus, an officer for a frat or even the captain of BSU's quidditch team!  Being a Campus Celebrity is great for anyone who wants to spread awareness about a cause that they might have or a club that could use more members.  If you're interested in being featured as Her Campus' next Campus Celeb, contact Delani McAulay at [email protected] today - because why wouldn't you want to be as fabulous as all the other celebrities?