A Collegiette's Guide To Throwing a St. Patrick's Day Party!

Top o’ the mornin’ to ye!

Beautiful day, isn’t it, lovelies? If, like us, you woke up and realized that today is St. Patrick’s Day and you want to join in the merriment, read on! We have your comprehensive guide to throwing a last minute (Americanized) celebration of one of the Emerald Isle’s most beloved holidays!

The food!

Hearty is the key in the chill climate of Ireland. Meats, potatoes and cabbage are huge in traditional foods; try a modern twist on a classic with these corned beef and cabbage sliders, this Irish soda bread, and roasted potatoes! For dessert, try these clover-shaped shortbread cookies or this Bailey’s chocolate mousse!

The clothes!

Think green!!!! No one wants to get pinched all day, so think of this earthy hue. You can do something subtle, or go all out; the choice is yours! If you’re hosting, go all out! You make the party the way YOU want; if you’re not excited, why would your guests be? (P.S. HCBoise State LOVES this tank by ModCloth and this VS t-shirt!)

The nails!

It’s all in the details! Go for a bold emerald or a gold polish or gel. Or, even better; Jamberry always has some super cute holiday designs, like their “Bit O’Luck” wraps!

The decorations!

Cute signs, pots of gold, rainbows, clovers, garland...Have fun with it! Pinterest has lots of ideas if you need a little inspiration!


Last, but definitely NOT least….


Green beer and cocktails! Guinness! The Irish love their beer and whiskey!Or, go with the non-alcoholic side of things; a couple drops of food coloring can turn anything green!


Whether you go big or stay small, we hope you have the best St. Patrick’s Day ever!