A Collegiette's Guide to Mother's Day in Boise

Mother’s Day is upon us fellow collegiettes!

I know many of us will either be celebrating graduation or celebrating the start of summer (or both), but let’s make sure we include our mothers into this wonderful celebration. After all, it’s our mothers who do so much for us everyday, we should show them our appreciation at least one day a year. If you’re stuck on what you might want to do, never fear! Her Campus Boise State is here to help solve your Mother’s Day problems.  Here are our top six destinations for Mother’s Day this year.


This wonderful Italian restaurant located in downtown Boise is offering both brunch and dinner on Mother’s Day! Come for brunch between 10am-2pm or dinner from 4pm-9pm. If you’re feeling the brunch option a little bit more, your pricing options are already totaled for you. For adults, the price is $22.95 and for kids, the price is $9.95. If you ask, maybe the kids price will include those who are still kids at heart (wishful thinking right?).

The Melting Pot:

First off, who doesn’t love fondue? This wonderful restaurant is offering a special Mother’s Day menu as well as one free “momosa” to every mom. To top it all off, children are given special pricing and if you don’t like the choices on their special menu, then you can always go back to the original! With everything The Melting Pot has thought of to make your mom feels special, you won’t have to worry about making other plans.

36th Street Bistro:

While this place isn’t quite in the heart of Boise, they still offer a wonderful Mother’s Day that many won’t be able to refuse.  Treat your mother to a wonderful brunch between the hours of 9am-3pm. Even though their brunch menu is staying the same, they are bringing in some specials to make this brunch really pop! Not to mention they’re also selling mimosas at $4, which is really all the deal one can need.


Even if Bodovino didn’t have any specials on Mother’s Day, it would probably still be a hotspot. This year, Bodovino has teamed up with Lit & Co to give you one heck of a deal this Mother’s Day.  From 11am-3pm both Saturday and Sunday, head over to Lit & Co to make your mother a candle (because you probably forgot to buy a real gift) and then make your way to Bodovino for two beverages and two desserts (or a dessert and a flatbread) to finish off your afternoon. Also, in an added bonus, if you head over to the Lit & Co website, you can buy your candle ahead of time to make it look like you really planned everything out.


If you’re looking for a simple brunch that knows what it’s doing, look no further. Back in the hub of downtown Boise, Juniper is holding a wonderful brunch on Sunday from 9:30am-3pm. Juniper may be keeping their normal brunch menu, but mom’s get that added special factor with a free glass of champagne.  Simple, sweet, and to the point.

Smoky Mountain Pizzaria (Parkcenter location):

Whoa, whoa, whoa! A pizzeria has a Mother’s Day special? Who would have guessed!

Opening at 11am on Sunday, Smoky Mountain Pizzaria is offering complimentary chocolate covered strawberries and carnations to each mother along with letting kids eat free with any adult entrée. To top this all off, from 6pm-8pm, enjoy live music from Jeff Knowles as you enjoy your pizza. For this deal, make sure you go to the Smoky Mountain Pizzaria Grill on Parkcenter! We can't guarantee that any other location will be featuring the same specials.


Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there! You do so much for us; and, although it may not seem like it at times, we appreciate everything you do!