Campus Cutie- Cortney Grathwohl!

HC: So to get this interview started I’d like to start off with the basics! How old are you? What’s your major? And where are you from?

C: I am 18 years old, I am from Seattle, Washington and my major is business!

HC: Wow Seattle! So why did you choose to come all the way to Boise State from a place like Seattle?

C: I fell in love with the area while visiting family here… I wanted to expand my horizons!

HC: Do you miss Seattle?

C: I miss it so much, especially the rain! But we have gotten rain here a couple times so that has been nice!

HC: Are you ready for the sweater weather?

C: Oh yeah! I can’t wait to bring out my Uggs and sweatshirts!

HC: Uggs are a necessity for fall! So why did you choose Business as your major?

C: Because I am still figuring out what I want to do with my life and business is a great tool to have with whatever I do choose to go into.

HC: That is so true! What do you do for fun?

C: I love to go hiking and camping and pretty much anything outdoorsy. I like to explore new places downtown and have occasional movie nights with friends… and sleep… definitely sleep.

HC: That’s awesome! Have you found any places downtown that you love?

C: There is this really beautiful alleyway full of art downtown! I love going there and looking at the artwork, it’s amazing!

HC: Are you a very artistic person?

C: Not at all! But I enjoy looking at the graffiti art downtown because it’s so different and intriguing!

HC: Okay! Time for our speed round!

C: Okay!

HC: Donuts or pancakes?

C: Donuts! Anytime, anywhere ohhh yeah!

HC: Favorite Sport?

C: Football!

HC: Orange or Mangos?

C: Mangos!

HC: Soda or tea?

C: Soda!

HC: Are you single?

C: Yes and I am ready to mingle!

HC: Well there you have it Boise State boys! Thank you so much for meeting with me Cortney!

C: Thank you for having me Britt!