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Campus Cutie, Andie Kelly: Seahawks Fan & Alpha Xi Delta Sister


The freshmen powerhouse Campus Cutie team are back from break and have already found the perfect cutie to kick off spring semester. Boise State, meet Andie Kelly.

Quick Facts: 

Year: Sophomore.

Age: 19.

Hometown: Woodenville, Washington.

Relationship Status: Single as a Pringle, sour cream and onion flavored.

Major: Graphic Design.

Her Campus Boise State: Being from Washington and all, HC Boise State was just wondering: are you a Seahawks fan?

Andie Kelly: Hugggeee! I want them to win the Super Bowl so much. Richard Sherman is definitely my favorite player.

HC: What are you hoping to accomplish in the future, as a graphic design major? I know we sound like distant relatives or something. 

AK: I want to (hopefully) work in a big, trendy, new, up-and-coming company or something, like Billabong. I want to be around the advertising scene.

HC: Are you excited to be back in class?

AK: Yes, well, no… not really because of classes, but I’m excited to see everyone!

HC: What were some of the best things you did over winter break?

AK: I took my dog on a walk sometimes. And grocery shopping for my mom. I know, I’m kind of boring… well, actually I did go to a New Year’s Party.

HC: Good stuff. We noticed that you’re in a sorority here! Which one are you a sister of?

AK: Alpha Xi Delta. A lot of people judge the Greek life here at Boise State but they should understand what it has to offer first! 

HC: What’s your favorite part of Greek life?

AK: I love being able to walk in a room full of my sisters and being best friends. Even though I don’t necessarily know them, we can talk about absolutely nothing or anything for hours. I spoke to Phoebe for about an hour today about the most random things, like psychotic roommates.

HC: What are you doing for spring break this semester?

AK: One of my best friends is coming to visit here in Boise. I’m going to give her a tour and maybe go skiing or something.

HC: If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

AK: Oh my god. To fly. I know it’s the go-to and cliche but it’s the best superpower out there. 

HC: What would your super name be then?

AK: Uh, Amazing Andie? And my catch phrase would be “Up up ‘Andie’ way!”


HC: Okay, are you ready? Time for the LIGHTNING ROUND! Ketchup or mustard?

AK: Ketchup.

HC: Heels or flats?

AK: Heels.

HC: Dress or skirt?

AK: Skirt.

HC: Arms or abs?

AK: Abs!!!

HC: Basketball or football?

AK: Football.

HC: Comedy or romance?

AK: Comedy.

HC: Night in or night out?

AK: Night out, all the way. 

HC: Tall, dark, and handsome or All-American boy?

AK: All-American. 

HC: I see! Last question: what is the most insane or interesting thing you have ever done?

AK: It’s not something that I have done, but it has been done to me…

HC: Uhhh, whattttt?

AK: I have been catfished. Yes. Which is ironic, because it’s THAT girl that is visiting me during Spring Break! We laughed it off and became really good friends. I have tons of other juicy stories, but maybe another time.

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Perry Truong

Boise State

Perry Truong, you can call him Per-Bear, is a freshman here at Boise State, studying Marketing. He is from a small town in southern Washington near the Portland area. On campus, you may see him pigging out at the BRC or longboarding around the greenbelt, but no matter where you see him, there will be a smile on his face.Favorite quote: Don't let the plan get in the way of the journey.
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