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Campus Celebs To-Be: Spring Fling 2014 Lineup Announced

Spring Fling 2014 has long been clouded in mystery and shrouded in secrecy-- but not anymore! The veil has finally been lifted: the Spring Fling 2014 lineup has offically been announced! And none too soon: the big day is less than two weeks away! This year's event will take on more of a "music festival" format than previous years', featuring a number of artists and groups on an outside stage. Here's the low-down on this year's performers: 

Jupiter Holiday

Perhaps you recognize these guys from this year's Treefort Music Fest: Jupiter Holiday is a modern rock band from our very own Boise, Idaho, whose jazzy sounds have been compared to MGMT and the Flaming Lips. Fun fact: Jupiter Holiday began with guitarist Mike Bassett and drummer Jason Grazian, who played together in the Borah High School Drum Corps. Talk about hitting close to home. Expect a lively and creative performance from these local music heroes, and be sure to check out their music in advance of Spring Fling 2014. Read The Idaho Statesman's Review of their latest full-length album here

Photo courtesy of The Idaho Statesman 

Mosley Wotta

Peace and love, man! Could Boise State's Spring Fling be the next Woodstock? You never know... especially with artists like Mosley Wotta performing. This Bend, Oregon-based group has R&B sounds that will rock your soul with their positive vibes. "Mosley Wotta" is in fact a pun intended to remind us that we are all mostly made of water. We're all connected-- so listen up and spread the love!

Photo courtesy of The Bulletin

The Armada ID dance crew

These talented Boise-based dancers have graced the Boise State stage many times in the past-- and will do so again at Spring Fling 2014! 

Check out The Armada's performance of "Hot in Here" from Boise State's Shades of Black Show 2013: 

Eclectic Approach

Seattle band Eclectic Approach is sure to dish up some groovy party tunes at Spring Fling 2014. The band's musical inspiration comes from a plethora of sources and genres, creating a unique approach to music that can only be defined as eclectic. Ha. Get it?

Check out this awesome music video of EA's single, "Midnight":

Cash Cash

This year's big name band is Cash Cash; an EDM group from New Jersey that has really found the limelight in recent years. Cash Cash is best known for their 2013 single, "Take Me Home" featuring Bebe Rexha which peaked at #18 on pop charts in the United States! Don't miss them at Spring Fling 2014. 

Check out the official Spring Fling 2014 Facebook page for details and updates, and use #SpringFlingBSU to get the buzz going about this year's event! See you there.

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