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Campus Celeb, Incognito: who will headline Spring Fling 2014?

Ah, Spring Fling: the seminal celebration of spring on college campuses nationwide. While Boise State has not quite made it to a top-5 list of the best college music festivals nationwide, we haven't exactly been slacking in recent years, either. 

Flo Rida and Mike Posner both probably dreamed of being Broncos for a day-- and their dreams came true when they got to headline Boise State Spring Fling 2012 and 2013, respectively, thereby breaking that glass ceiling of stardom and being more than just celebrities by becoming: Boise State (On-Campus) Celebrities.

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Yes, Taco Bell Arena has certainly put some quality would-be Broncos in the spotlight in recent years. 

This year, however, Spring Fling is shrouded in an uncomfortable cloud of mystery. 

Here's what we know: 

  • Spring Fling 2014 will be on May 3rd, 2014 (that is a Saturday exactly three weeks from now).
  • Spring Fling 2014 will be from 4 pm to 8 pm.
  • Spring Fling 2014 will be held on the Intramural Field INSTEAD of Taco Bell Arena. Given the wondrous Boise weather these days, this could very well give Boise State Spring Fling that Botanical Garden vibe it has lacked in recent years. 

But who exactly is it who will be joining the ranks of Flo Rida and Mike Posner to become a Boise State (On-Campus) Celeb? That, my friends, is what we DON'T know: 

The Student Union Fine Arts Page has an uncomfortable "Bands: TBD" listed on its Spring Fling 2014 events page. Perhaps you, like us, have heard rumors of "local bands" gracing the Boise State stage this spring-- which sounds a little like there is last-minute budgeting and/or planning going on.

Either way, as of right now, there are three weeks for it all to fall into place. We only hope that it DOES, in fact, fall into place. Maybe our patience will be rewarded with the biggest name EVER in Boise State Spring Fling history. Maybe we will skyrocket to a place on the coveted top-5 college music festivals list. Who knows??? When we know more... so will you. HCxo! 


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