Avoiding the Finals Black Hole: Study Spots Outside of the Library

The library: the one place we avoid all semester, then we find ourselves basically living there for the last two weeks of it. With the library being so crowded and sometimes depressing. Here is a list of other places to get shit done.

Along the Greenbelt.

The springtime weather in Boise is beautiful. It is nice and warm with a hint of sunshine. It provides the perfect weather to study and enjoy that last bits of Idaho weather before you have to go home.

It is not uncommon to see people along the river during this time of year. What more could you ask for in a study space? The calm breeze, warm weather, and the rushing of the river helps to calm you. To amplify your studying experience more, a hammock makes a lovely touch. Letting the breeze rock you while reading textbooks and notes helps you to not focus on your stress levels. Also being surrounded by serenity it will help you focus more while enjoying nature. Natural lighting is so much better than the florescent bulbs of the library!

The SUB second floor.

If you are more of an indoor type of person, the SUB second floor is the place for you. While it may be similar to the library, changing up your surroundings have been proven to help you retain more information while studying. The chairs there are a little more comfortable and there numerous different hallways and tables to sit at.

Just a floor below you sits numerous food places to grab a study snack. With a variety of options, there is something for every type of craving. Along with the food are conveniant bathrooms, where holding it all in can be a thing of the past.You have everything that you need in one study area; what more could you ask for?  

The Amphitheater.

Located just behind Taylor Hall along the Greenbelt, the Amphitheater is one of my personal favorites. Luscious grass covers the steps leading up high above the ground. Something about laying in grass, allowing you to bask in those upcoming summer days makes for a great time.

Since the theater is decently sized it gives you the opportunity to spread out your belongings as much around you as you would like! You are also spread out  around among other people so if there are multiple people having the same idea as you, you don’t have to be near them and are each given ample space. If you are also looking to start on your pre-summer tanning, this is a great spot because the sun always seems to be shining there. This is a great location if you live in the DKMT part of campus.  

Ann Morison Park.

Who doesn’t love parks? There is something about parks that always seem to calm you. Sitting under the trees is the picturesque college studying scene. With the shade to protect you from squinting at your notes it makes studying not so bad! This also provides great studying break opportunities. Walking around on various walkways allows the perfect way to calm yourself and be ready to jump back into the studying.

The Library!

No, this isn’t the library on campus. The Library! is the public library downtown only a short walk from campus. It always makes me happy to see that sign because it makes me feel like the library is excited to help educate you and assist you in any way. Here they offer various places you can study and it helps you feel as if you are off campus. If you like to stick more to the library type settings, this is a great idea. It allows you to not have to deal with the crowds, yet allows you to focus as you would at the on campus library. If you even need some extra study material, there will be countless books willing to educate you on the subjects!


May these spots inspire you to work hard and finish out the semester strong!