ASBSU’s Commander-in-Chief: Rebecca Kopp

Welcome to the revolution, Broncos! There’s a new boss in campus politics, and she’s ready to make some changes! We here at Her Campus Boise State were given the honor to introduce you to Rebecca Kopp, your brand new ASBSU President! To help you get a little better acquainted, we reached out to Rebecca and got the answers to the questions you really care about. Check out our Q&A below!

Name: Rebecca KoppHometown: Marysville, WashingtonRelationship Status: Single

HCBSU: Why did you decide to attend Boise State University? What is your Major/Minor?

RK: Political Science and Economics. – I chose to attend Boise State because of the atmosphere on campus as well as all the opportunities that exist on and off campus. There are so many doors just waiting to be opened on and off campus!

HCBSU: As ASBSU President, what issues would you like to address at Boise State University?

RK: One of our (herself and Jade Donnelly) main focuses is to be more receptive to students’ needs and concerns. We want to see greater representation of all populations of this campus through all levels of decision making. We will provide students with the ability to create change here on campus by providing a bridge between the student body and administration. We believe this dynamic is crucial on our campus because it allows students, the heart of the university, to make their desired impact while here at Boise State. Our goal is to empower students, create change, and encourage administration to do the same with student’s interest in mind. 

HCBSU: Do you have previous roles in ASBSU? If so, what were they and what did the role entail? What do you find most rewarding and most challenging about being involved in student government?

RK: I am currently the Assembly Speaker where I preside over the student assembly. The student assembly consists of student representatives from several concentrated populations throughout campus. The student assembly exists to be the voice of the student body and vote on proposed legislation.

HCBSU: What other activities are you involved in on campus or in the community? Have you held other leadership positions on campus? If so, what positions and what did they entail?

RK: When I was contemplating which college to go to, I spent a great deal of time focusing on the experience that I wanted to have. The majority of your time will be spent outside of the classroom, and it is when you get involved that you truly grow as an individual. I have held several other leadership positions during my time here at Boise State. Currently I am the Vice President of Internal Communication on Panhellenic, which is the governing body of the sorority/fraternity life here on campus. Joining Greek life was probably one of best decisions. The community has given me so much, and I love how I get the opportunity to give something back as a member of the Panhellenic Council.

HCBSU: What accomplishment at Boise State University are you most proud of and why?

RK: This is always a hard question to answer! Out of all the accomplishments I’ve had during my time here at Boise State, I am proud of all of them. I am especially proud of where I have taken the student assembly. In past years it was not used to its full potential. It is still not where it should be, but I believe that I have made great strides in making it a vital entity on campus for the student voice and student feedback. I hope to pass on the student assembly to someone who will continue to make those strides to where…

HCBSU: If you could give 2016’s incoming Freshmen once piece of advice to guide their college experience, what would it be?

RK: Get involved! You spend the majority of your time outside the classroom, and getting involved allows you to grow as an individual, meet new people, and find your passions.