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ASBSU Official Election Results

For this week’s edition of Campus Celebrity, Her Campus Boise State would like to extend our congratulations to the candidates of the 2014 Associated Students of Boise State University (ASBSU) elections. If any Boise State student is deserving of the title of “celebrity”, it’s our student government representatives, who devote immeasurable time and energy to the betterment of the student experience at Boise State University.

Below is a breakdown of the election results and a quick feature on the winning candidates. 

President & Vice President

After former ASBSU President Ryan Gregg resigned earlier this semester, former Vice President Bryan Vlok rose to the occasion to become the new face of Boise State University student body government. Bryan Vlok and former Speaker of the Assembly Lauren Albright ran unapposed in the 2014 election for the positions of President and Vice President, respectively. In total, their ticket received 1,308 votes: 100% of the voting population.

Bryan Vlok

Lauren Albright

Speaker of the Assembly

It was a tight race this year for the position of Speaker of the Assembly, with former Secretary of Student Organization Affairs Megan Buxton cinching the win with 747 votes and the support of 52% of the voting population to beat out rival candidate Chase Neumann. 

Megan Buxton

Secretary of Academic Affairs

It was another close contest for the position of Secretary of Academic Affairs. Former Secretary of Academic Affairs Chris Bower retained his seat with 839 votes and the support of 58% of the voting population to defeat freshman candidate Rebecca Kopp.

Christopher Bower

Secretary of Student Organization Affairs

Candidate Hailey Weatherby received 1,061 votes and the support of 77% of the voting population to secure this seat and defeat fellow candidate Kendra Winnick.

Hailey Weatherby

Secretary of External Affairs

This formally vacant position has now been awarded to Angel Hernandez, who beat out rival candidate Stephen Gustafson by a narrow margin, receiving 708 votes and the support of 51% of the voting population to secure a victory. 

Angel Hernandez

According to the Spring 2014 Executive Election Results, the total number of voters who participated in the election was 1,597, or approximately 8% of the total Boise State University student body. The inauguration of the newly elected officers will take place on April 8th.

Congratulations to all the candidates and best of luck for 2014-2015! HCxo. 

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