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5 Ways to Make the Best of Living with New Roomies

Roommates can be a blessing and a curse. Suddenly you are thrust into a situation where you now have to live with a random stranger for the next 9 months. Best case scenario they become your new BFF and everything for the rest of the year is smooth sailing (plus you build a lifelong friendship with someone who just gets you). Worst case scenario? Upon meeting each other you loath the very ground they walk on and stress like crazy for the rest of the year.
Obviously living with someone you have never met is just awkward. What if you don’t like the same music? What if they are completely crazy? What if they are a slob? All of these are possibilities. Personally, I have a few pretty good roomie stories. One roomate I met during sophomore year was amazing – we got along great! She ended up transferring but we still keep in contact. My freshman year, on the other hand, was totally different. I knew that from the moment we met I was going to have issues with this girl. She was a total slob, constantly drunk and played her horrible music all hours of the night. Plus, I got sexiled too many times to count.
A rather helpful definition for Urban Dictionary, for those of you who are unaware of the term sexiled.
When you live with someone very incompatible things can get awkward very fast. A big part of college is the dorm experience and when you don’t get along with your roommate, you start to lose hope that college is for you. Here are some tips to solve any of your roommate woes:
1. Set some ground rules early on. Like how late you each stay up, or who cleans the bathroom 
on what days. Talk about rules for having guests over. Trust me, having to sleep on the common 
room sofa because your roommate is hooking up with the cutie from the room 3 doors down is 
not fun.
2. As a freshman everyone is scared. Get to know each other. At first it may seem like you have 
nothing in common but at least try. You may be surprised. 
3. If conflict arises talk it out. Holding in your anger creates more drama later on. 
4. If the issues continue talk to your RA. They are there to help you.
5. And if all else fails switch rooms. Your dorm is meant to be your home away from home. If you 
are uncomfortable in your living situation then move. It’s ok.
Small town Washington girl who loves country music, gummy bears, football games, reading Harry Potter and singing loudly in the shower. Major in History and Minor in English at Boise State.
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