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Necklaces are a staple for every outfit, and making your own is the perfect way to coordinate any outfit with a piece of jewelry. And it is tons of fun to create custom pieces of jewelry, putting in your own style and personality into each piece. Not to mention how easy it can be! Here are some jewelry designs that can spark your creativity to create your own necklaces.

Wire Wrapped Stones

I love crystals and stones, and I find myself nearly drooling over the beautiful wire wrapped stones I see all over Instagram. But it’s super easy to make your own!

I got all three of the stones pictured above from a gift shop somewhere, so if you happen to have some of these as well, then this is a great use for them!

You’ll only need some wire and some chain. I cut two long pieces of wire, found their centers, and then twisted them together until it reached about halfway up the stone. Next, I split the wires, arranged them so they fit on opposite sides of the stone, and wrapped them together until they reached the top. Then I made a loop and wrapped the excess around the top.

This makes the interesting spiral pattern, but you could just as easily wrap the wire in any way that secures the stone in! I think that adding stones to your outfit creates a whimsical vibe to any outfit!

Ribbon Wrap Choker

A trend I’ve noticed recently is the ribbon wrap choker. I am in love with any type of choker, and so I decided to make one of these for myself.

First, you simply need a long piece of ribbon. This length depends on how you want to wear your choker. I wanted mine to hang fairly low after wrapping it around my neck and losely tying it, but I’ve also seen people tie bows, or just wrap it around the neck. This is totally up to you! Next, I took some silver findings and some corresponding beads and attached them to the ends of the ribbons. I chose black circles and some granite beads. Then I was done!

You could totally customize this DIY to your own tastes. Instead of ribbon, you could use velvet or faux leather, and in whatever color you like! Make it your own!

Shrink Plastic Necklace

Shrink plastic is a DIY godsend. You simply draw whatever you like on it, pop it in the oven, and suddenly you have an adorable piece of jewelry.

I decided to make this adorable rain cloud necklace. I drew the cloud on a piece of shrink plastic, punched the holes and baked it. After it had cooled, I constructed the “rain drops”. I took some glass beads and attached them to a piece of wire, making a loop at the end. Then, I attached some chain to give the “drop” some length. Finally, I attached the drops to the cloud and added some chain.

You can really go crazy with shrink plastic. Make some custom band merch by doing your favorite band’s logo! Found a cute piece of clip art online? Trace that and pop it in the oven. Boom, cute piece of custom jewelry. This one is super customizable, so make whatever you like!

Golden Dino

I think this is one of my favorite necklaces I own, and it was super easy to make!

Personally, I love dinosaurs. However, you can pick whatever animal you like. You’ll need some gold paint (I used acrylic paint but spray paint will work just as well), the animal (creature?) of your choice, and some cord. I also used a small hook that I got at the craft store that screwed into the plastic of the dinosaur.

I think it’s pretty self-explanatory. I painted the dinosaur gold, screwed in the hook and put it on the cord. I always get compliments when I wear it, and I love the statement it makes.

Woven Necklace

I love the vibe that this woven necklace gives off. It is far from perfect, but what it lacks in visual aesthetics it makes up with its massive charm. And it’s surprisingly easy to make one for yourself!

This article does a much better job at explaining it than I ever could. It’s super inexpensive to make and definitely makes a statement. Plus, you can take your newly acquired weaving skills and make other awesome DIY’s such as wall hangings or coasters!

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