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5 Great Study Spots for Finals

My personal philosophy when it comes to study spots is: “to each his/her own.” Everyone is different: different people work best in atmospheres with different levels of noise, privacy, and distractions. These are the top studying spots for Boise State students-- and each will work well for students with a different studying stile. The important thing is that YOU figure out what environments help you to be the most productive so you can do your best on your final exams. 

1. The Library

For many of us, this is THE go-to spot. There is always space available in some nook or cranny, and there are "talking" and "no talking floors" to suit the needs of different studiers. You can also reserve a group study room in advance so you and your friends can have a group study sesh-- which makes studying more fun for everyone. Ask the Circulation Desk about making a reservation. The Library is also open 24 hours a week during Dead Week and Finals so you can get studying in whenever you have the time. 

2. A Coffee Shop

There are a plethora of coffee shops in Boise, and there is definitely one out there that will suit your style! There are six coffee shops on the Boise State campus and many local favorites in the downtown area as well, such as Hammer and The District. Don’t be afraid to venture downtown and test out a few before Finals roll around. Who knows, you might find the perfect study space-and-coffee combo! 

3. The Great Outdoors

Been feeling cooped-up lately? Give yourself a break: go study outside and enjoy the beautiful spring weather! If you wiill need the internet, lay a blanket out on the Quad and get to work! This can also be done closer to home, wifi-permitting. If you don't need internet access, go study in one of Boise's many beautiful parks. There are always picnic tables and benches available. Or, you can just find a comfy, shady spot on the grass. The Greenbelt is your studyground (get it?). Make it a day (or a date!) by bringing a picnic lunch.  

4.  A Book Store

I know what you're thinking: a book store??? Really? Actually, book stores have all the makings of a great, serious study spot. They are mostly quiet, have tables and chairs, and are often located near coffee shops or snack bars, if they don't have one in-house, which can offer much-needed study refreshments. Book stores make for a nice change of scenery from your normal study routine.

5. House (Study*) Party

Sometimes the easiest way to go is to meet up at a friend's house to study. This is great for a number of reasons: you can wear whatever you want, set out snacks and drinks, do crunches in between chapter reviews, blare your music, and even put gummy bears or gold fish on your textbook to motivate you to read. And you won't get weird looks for enlisting any of these studying tricks. The true beauty of studying at a friend's house is that it is private but also social-- so feel free to crack open a cold one once you make it through that review quiz. 



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