3 Ways to Celebrate the End of the Semester

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Congratulations, collegiettes! We’re nearing the end of the school year (finally!). All of those days and nights of procrastinating, binging on Netflix, skipping classes, or whatever else you do during the semester are finally over. That means it's time to celebrate. Here are our HC-approved suggestions:

1. Brunch at Goldy’s 

Goldy’s is one of downtown Boise’s hidden gems. This local favorite breakfast/brunch bistro may be small, but the food is amazing and the service is delightful. Located on Capitol Boulevard, Goldy’s is the perfect place to treat yourself to a well-deserved brunch after a semester of hard work. What do you order to get started? Hot chocolate, for one. It is served at the perfect temperature-- I'm serious. Not too hot, not too cold. This beverage is a sweet treat for your taste buds and is also oh-so-easy on the eys. There is not a more beautiful cup of hot cocoa in all of Boise. Chase it down with a breakfast of champions. 

Image courtesy of BSU student, Jake Nelson

2. Start of summer BBQ

Get together with your friends and have a BBQ party! This is one of the best ways to say adios to school and hello to summer. Surprise your friends with a tasty BBQ treat like this delicious bacon wrapped chicken from Allrecipes.com. Want to know the best part? Guys LOVE a good BBQ-- as an excuse to show off their grilling skillz or to kick back with a cold one. So, definitely invite that hottie from your math class-- he looks like he knows his way around a grill. 

Image courtesy of bbqgeek.com

3. Throw a toga party

There’s no better way to end the semester than by throwing the cliché college toga party. It's easy and cheap to organize, and surprisingly amusing to see your friends dressed up in Greek god and goddess glory. The traditional toga party requires nothing but some sheets, a few safety pins, and of course, some beer. No wonder it is a college tradition. To class it up a little bit, invite your guests to dress up as Spartans (rather than plebeians). For drinks, whip up a conconction of coke, vodka, tequila and rum. This bad boy is called The Hercules (how fitting!) and take it from me, it will chase your end of semester sorrows away. 

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