3 Reasons Why You Should Visit International Learning Opportunities Today

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Studying abroad is the dream of many collegiettes. Yet, man of us are scared: we think it will be difficult to immerse ourselves in a new language or culture. We worry it is not safe to travel abroad. Or, we simply can't afford it. Fear not, collegiette! The truth is, there are SO many options for any collegiette interested in study abroad. All you have to do is visit the International Learning Opportunities office to find out what those options are and which will work best for YOU! 

Excuse #1:  I can’t speak a different language, so I can’t study abroad.

Photo taken in Bath, England, courtesy of www.cntraveler.com

It’s scary to be in a setting in which you don't speak the local language. But don't let that keep you from the experience of a lifetime! Many European countries DO, in fact, speak English, anyway. Through Boise State’s study abroad programs, you can choose from a variety of courses that will be taught in English, as well. You can also opt for a study abroad option in an English-speaking country, like England, Ireland, Scotland, or Australia, to name a few. Study abroad in these countries will immerse you in an entirely new culture-- but language is no object. Not really, anyway. Bangers and mash, anyone?

Excuse #2:  I’m scared to go abroad, so I just won’t go anywhere... :(

Photo taken in Honolulu, Hawaii, courtesy of http://manoa.hawaii.edu/chancellor/

It’s understandable why a collegiette (or anyone who has seen Taken) would be scared to leave the country. Fortunately for all of us, Boise State has a National Student Exchange program. This will enable you to study in another part of the United States rather than on an entirely new continent, if that's not up your alley. The ILO is in a partnership with over 200 different colleges and universities across the United States, and some places in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, too! You can even study abroad in Hawaii, if you want to! (It totally counts...)

Excuse #3: I can’t afford it.

Photo taken in Scotland, United Kingdom courtesy of http://www.isleinntours.com/scotland-vacations/

If you can afford to attend Boise State University, you can almost undoubtedly afford a semester abroad. Students tend to be drawn towards affiliate study abroad programs but fail to realize that these programs are much more expensive than Boise State Direct Exchange. With Direct Exchange, you can study abroad for the same amount of money as you would pay to attend Boise State normally. Yes, you read that correctly: tuition is the same price! The cost of room and board is similar to that of Boise State, too. Plus, the scholarships and loans you receive through Boise State apply to a semester abroad as well and can offset some of the damage. There are also other scholarships specifically for students studying abroad. The only added expenses are airfare and in-country travel. Think of it this way: if you start skipping those frappuccinos before class NOW, you will not only have enough money saved to afford a semester abroad, but also to enjoy it to the fullest. 

Don't let these opportunities pass you by! Visit ILO today! The ILO office is located on the first floor of the Simplot/Micron building (right in between the Education Building and the old business building.)