YOUR Opinions About MY Tattoos

I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten “why do you have so many tattoos?” or “you know those are permanent,” when people see my tattoos. I have one tattoo (out of seven total) that is visible when wearing long sleeves, long pants, and shoes. Though I wish I could show off my body art more often, I did not get them so that others can appreciate them. I got these tattoos for me. Each of my tattoos has a meaning to me, and that is what is important. Why do I have so many, you ask? What exactly does “so many” even mean??? How would you even know how many tattoos I have if you didn’t ask? Of course, I am not going to lie to you, because I am proud of my tattoos; but if you are going to ask please keep your negative opinions to yourself.

All of my tattoos have significant meaning to me, whether it be a promise of friendship with my best friend, or a reminder to always stay strong. My tattoos are important to me and that is all that matters. There are plenty of people who express themselves in many ways, so why is my body art a problem to some? Plenty of people have told me that I will not be able to find a job in the education field with my tattoos. I have had plenty of teachers throughout my schooling career who had tattoos, therefore if somewhere does not want to hire me because of how I choose to express myself, then I do not want to work there anyway. My tattoos make me, me.