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Why to Cut Your Hair Short (Before Graduation)

Sometimes change can be good, if we embrace it in the right state of mind. Going into senior year I was craving change. I knew I had one year left of school before the real world hit so after much debate I decided to cut my hair off. College girls love long hair, let’s be honest. During class when you get bored you begin to run your hands through your hair and most likely pick at your split ends, it’s inevitable. We find it easy to throw our long hair in a messy bun right before class and still manage to look cute without putting in all that much effort. You can style it on the weekends with your want or rock it straight. It seems easy right?! Sometimes taking the east way out isn’t the way to go.     


My long hair began to become a security blanket for me in a way, but it became a lot to maintain. One of my biggest compliments was my hair, but I decided it was time to change. I wanted to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. I made the decisions for myself that someone needed it more than I did and I wanted someone to feel beautiful with long blonde hair, the way I did.        


Honestly though I wouldn’t change my decision now for the world. I look older and I feel more mature, just by simply cutting my hair short. I find it super easy to maintain and can leave the house with a quick blow dye and still rock it. Curling it no longer takes and house and I can still throw it in a messy bun. Don’t hesitate to rick that short hair, short hair don’t care, just as much as long. It will add a cute bounce to your look and will make you look more professional for the real world. Embrace change, it’ll be the best decision you’ve ever made.

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