A Week in Washington D.C.

Last week, I traveled to Washington D.C. with an organization called National Broadcasting Society (NBS) for our annual Convention. There were panels with Mass Communications professionals from radio to public relations. These panels were extremely educational and allowed us to meet people in the fields we are interested in pursuing careers in. However, I am not going to bore you with that information; instead, I am going to talk all about what I did in my off time with some really awesome people

After the almost four-hour singalong road trip to Washington D.C. from Bloomsburg, we went to the Hard Rock Café and then down the street to the Capitals vs. Senators game. But my phone was dead, so I have no pictures, though I definitely recommend going to a hockey game—they are so much fun to watch in person, especially when they can be really boring to watch on TV.

Wednesday was a day for us to explore DC and really do whatever we want. My group went to the Spy Museum which is the coolest and most fun museum I have ever been to. We all acted like we were four-year-olds, but it was totally worth it. You pick a fake name and other information that you have to remember and are tested on as you go through the museum. There are a lot of interactive things to do as you go through this two-and-a-half story museum. We then headed to Shake Shack for lunch, before heading to the Holocaust Museum. I am a WWII and Holocaust nerd, so I was super hyped to get my identification card to see what person I was going to learn more about throughout the museum. It was even more interactive then I expected at some points. The Daniel’s Story Exhibit I think made every person cry, it was so impactful, as was the rest of the museum.

Before heading home, we walked down the street to the Jefferson Memorial. It was kind of sad that the cherry blossoms were not in season, but never the less, a beautiful memorial.

That night we went to Nando’s for dinner. It is a well know Portuguese restaurant in Europe with a few locations in the US, so we obviously had to go. For those of you who were One Direction fans like me, I was having a major fan girl moment. I highly recommend the hot sauce on any chicken and the mashed potatoes. 

Thursday was filled with panels and such, so we did not do much. For dinner, we went to an amazing restaurant near our hotel in Bethesda, called Modern Market. It was a really cute restaurant with an amazing and unique menu—my roommate got a blueberry pesto sandwich, which sounds strange, but she said was to die for.

Friday there was a wind advisory in DC, so the Smithsonian Museums were closed—we were a bit disappointed, but we still made the best of our day. Our first stop was on the way to the Lincoln Memorial, to the Albert Einstein statue (which you should be careful of falling off of because it happened to all of us who went).

Then we went to the Lincoln Memorial, which was really cool to see the National Mall from the opposite side than we had seen Wednesday.

We then checked out the Vietnam Memorial which was nice, but I was more excited to see the Korean War Memorial because my grandfather fought in it.

After that, we headed to the lake with the island of the 56 signers of the US Constitution, which was stunning.

From there we headed to the World War II Memorial which was huge, and I loved seeing New Jersey up there, even though every state was there, it was none the less cool to see my home. Before heading back, we went to The Hamilton restaurant which was delicious and super nice. They had a cool menu and a sushi happy hour all at a good price.

Then we made a little detour to see the White House on the way home after lunch!  Later that night when we got back to our hotel, we headed to Joe & The Juice for a little snack, and then to Georgetown Cupcakes in Bethesda for dessert.