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Waiting for Your Online Order to Come as Told by Andy Dwyer

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

1.  You place the order and get the confirmation email.  Eternal excitement ensues.

2.  Waiting for the shipping confirmation email, which feels like forever.

3.  Finally getting the shipping confirmation email, and tracking the package every five minutes.

4.  Receiving an alert that your package will be delayed and actually delivered a day later than expected.

5.  Still tracking the shipment every ten minutes, even though you know it will be delivered late.

6.  Waking up on Delivery Day and immediately checking your shipment status.

7.  Seeing that little green check mark next to “Delivered.”

8.  Finally getting your package!


A senior at Bloomsburg University and HC Campus Correspondent.  I can usually be found with a coffee in hand, either walking my dog or at the gym. Life motto: Nobody likes a shady beach.