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Study Finds Plants Communicate with Each Other

According to a British study, plants can recognize other plants and communicate with them.

Apparently, plants communicate by clicking sounds which can be “heard” through the roots. The roots take in the vibrations of the clicking sounds to hear messages of other plants and predators. Although it is not exactly clear how the plants produce the sounds, it is clear that the sounds are used for communication.

Our green fellowmen can also recognize members of their own family. Plants which would otherwise compete for resources are known to share resources such as sunlight, soil, and space if the competitor is one of their own kin. This is a common trait in the evolution of different species of animals. Although the individual may be losing food and other resources by helping it’s buddies, plants will still exhibit altruistic characteristics.

A plant will grow taller in order to stop the sun’s rays from reaching the competitor, effectively intercepting the vital energy through its own leaves. However, studies suggest that if the other plants in the area are related, they will attempt to share the soil, and will even grow away from each other’s leaves in order to share sunlight.

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