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Professor Heather Kirkwood-Mazik


Her Campus: Where are you from?  Professor Kirkwood-Mazik: A very small country town- Summerville, PA

HC: Where did you receive your bachelors/masters/doctorate?K-M: Bachelor’s- Clarion University, MBA- Clarion University, PhD- Cleveland State University

HC: What made you decide to be a professor?K-M: I was inspired by one of my former professors. I worked several years in an industry and while I was successful, at the end of the day I found what I was doing was unfulfilling. I believe I have the ability to serve as a good mentor to others and found my calling when I was contacted by a former professor and was first offered the opportunity to teach as an adjunct.   I finally felt as if I was doing something meaningful. I enjoy helping others and watching my students progress and develop into professionals. I keep in contact with many of my former students and enjoy learning of their success.

HC: This was your first semester teaching at Bloomsburg University! What is your favorite part of the University so far?HK-M: My favorite part of the University is the people. My new friends, colleagues, and students have been very welcoming and helped make this a smooth transition.

HC:  What has been your favorite class to teach and why?HK-M: My favorite class this semester was Principles of Selling.  I like that class because there is a lot of practical application and this semester I think a number of students were surprised by their aptitude when it comes to selling. It is a great feeling to watch your students develop over the semester and leave the classroom confident and ready to tackle the “real world” armed with a new skillset.

HC: What are your hobbies outside of the classroom? HK-M: Shopping, working out, hanging out with friends going to sporting events and watching sports (Football, baseball and basketball are my favorites).

HC: If you could give any advice to your students what would it be?HK-M: Know that it’s okay not to have it all figured out. You may not know exactly what you want to do, and that’s perfectly fine. The key is to keep moving forward and find something you are passionate about. 

Favorites…TV Show: Ray DonovanBook:   The Great GatsbyPlace to shop: Too hard to narrow it down to a specific store so I will list a location: NYCQuote:  “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”-Maya AngelouSeason:  Summer

Currently a student at Bloomsburg University studying marketing Fashion is my love, heart, and soul. Lipstick is a close second. Dream: Move to NYC and work at a fashion pr firm.    
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