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Parks and Rec Characters You Meet in Class

If you’ve ever seen Parks and Rec, you probably find your classmates acting like the characters. Figure out which one you are!


The Leslie Knope

They are passionate and knowledgeable about everything, even in a GenEd class. They want to learn as much as possible and help you as much as possible. They are going to be “Team You” because they want your success just as much as they want their own. If you ever need help in literally anything, they will be more than happy to help you. And while they can get really annoying, you know whatever they are doing is for the best–they want to make class fun.


The Ron Swanson

They are the ones that will sit there and do something, but make it seem like they are busy. They are most likely anti-you and everything else that is not what they believe in. More than likely, they hate the class you have with them, and will complain about how stupid it is that they are required to take useless GenEds or classes within their major that have nothing to do with this actual major.


The Tom Haverford

The true entertainment. You pay more attention to them than the teacher because they are fun to be around and the center of attention at all times. They may not be the smartest person in the class, but they are definitely the one you want to be put in a group with just because it would be so much fun. The only time they care about anything is when it revolves around them or is something they really enjoy. Oh, and they are always fleeked the frick out whether it is their makeup, hair, or clothes.


The April Ludgate

DO NOT MESS WITH THIS PERSON!!! They sit in the back of the class, texting and ignoring everyone around them because they do not care about anything other than like three things, but those three things serve no relevance to the classroom or you, so just leave them alone. They will end your life if you try to talk to them and be friends, so for your own safety, ignore them… unless they talk to you, then you have to answer them and do whatever they say because if you don’t, you’re donezo. 


The Andy Dwyer

The best but worst classmate. They distract you to look at the most random and stupid things for a good laugh but will probably get you in trouble. You can count on them for a good laugh, and on making farting noises or doing something funny in the middle of class. They are the type of person that you want to be friends with outside of the classroom rather than in it. Outside of the classroom their behavior is totally cool, but inside the classroom they will probably get you a bad grade.


The Jerry, Larry, Terry, Garry Gergich

This person is your bitch, they will do anything for you in exchange for food or sometimes for nothing at all. However, they will probably mess it up somehow, which is fine because you only asked them to do it for a laugh. They will most likely be found eating in class, every class, all of class. You and you’re other classmates will probably use this person a ton, and laugh at them all the time. And the teacher probably messes up or forgets their name.


The Donna Meagle

They strut their stuff walking into the classroom, has their shit together, and will tell you all about their personal life, which will sometimes get a little too personal. They are loud but will only talk in class when they need to because they don’t waste their time or breath. And they will not tolerate your shit.


The Ann Perkins

They care way too much about you, but at the end of they day they just want to be your friend, not annoy you. They talk soooooo much and act almost like a parental figure for you in class. They are obsessed with that one person in your class, which they probably never stop talking about them. Also, they are CRAZY when it comes to whoever they have a crush on, which is another thing they DO NOT STOP talking about.


The Ben Wyatt

WE ALL KNOW THE BEN WYATT, that person who is so smart that it’s borderline disrespectful. They are not afraid to tell you you’re wrong and even correct the teacher. They also probably had a really traumatic childhood. They love gaming, anything cartooned, movies, or all three that they obsess over making as many references to them as possible.


The Chris Traeger

They are LITERALLY so sweet but so annoying. They are super positive and committed to their work. Odds are that they are wearing work out clothes because they love working out. They have their tag line or word that they always say. And they just get on your nerves just for being so damn cheery all the time.

As a senior, double majoring in Public Relations and Organizational Communications, Monica is eager to take on the roles of Campus Coordinator for Bloom U and Campus Trendsetter for HC. Whenever she isn't writing for HC, you can find her filming for the National Broadcast Society, volunteering for the Special Olympics Bocce Bash as Assistant Volunteer Coordinator, or supporting Pura Vida Bracelets as a Company Representative. Outside of her on-campus involvement, Monica enjoys photography, binge watching Netflix, eating Taco Bell, and making people laugh. 
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