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An Open Letter to the Guys That Broke My Trust

Being lied to is one of the worst things in the world, anyone can attest to that. Whatever you look for in someone always looks for their honesty. If they can make you laugh they’re attractive, or what it may be, are important, but honesty is a key factor that every girl should look for. That being said I want to thank you, for showing me how I don’t want to be treated. I want to thank you for breaking my trust. Quite frankly, you’ve ruined it for people in the near future. Every guy that will come my way will now have to deal with the wall I’ve build up.

I trusted you to be there for me, to answer when I needed you. I trusted you’d never hurt me, but oh man did you. From my deepest secrets, to the kind of monsters I feared men turn into, you promised me that you could never turn into someone like that, because “how could someone even think of hurting a girl like you?”

Without you breaking my trust I would have never learned my lesson. I now know better, better than to believe in someone this young and this early in my life. All the promises made at this age are empty and nothing is guaranteed. Now I understand this is out time to mess up and make mistakes, but something just aren’t accidental. You took my trust, and used it against me.  guess sometimes being that ‘sweet girl’ isn’t always the best thing. They say nice guys finish last,but it’s also “The kindest girls with the kindest hearts get taken advantage of the most.”

They say trust is like a vase, and once it is broken it can be put back, but it’ll never be the same. But in the process, of picking up those broken pieces you feel the pain. Like shards of glass, your mistrust feels like a stab in the back. But here I am cleaning up the pieces of the mess you made. All the while you go on without a care in the world, but that’s okay. Now I know better, now I know not to trust someone so easily. As much as I want to scream all I can do is say thank you. Because from this experience I now know that I deserve better. Thank you for taking my trust and throwing it all away, it was never really yours to have anyway.

 Philadelphia raised, Bloomsburg bred. Looking for my own personal Claude Grioux all while pursuing a degree in telecommunications. But here I am writng, I've always loved to write. Just like smiling, smilings my favorite. 
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