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My Time in Bloomsburg

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

I have been at this school almost a month and a half.  I came to campus on August 23rd and while that week was mostly just a getting to know you and move in week, I still count it as my first week on campus because it was the first time I ever lived on any campus and away from my family for so long.  

When the 23rd of October rolls around I will have been able to say I have made some new friends in and outside of my dorm, have been to my first college class that has over 100 students, lived the longest I ever had away from my hometown, joined at least 3 other extracurricular on campus, and already have taken tests and quizzes at Bloomsburg University.  While these feats may range in some reader’s minds, which I would understand why, for me they are a big deal because being able to know that I have gone from someone who was born premature and may have never make it, to someone attending a four-year university and on their pathway to working at their dream job in Book Publishing or Journalism is an amazing feat to have accomplished.

Although I did attend community college for the last two years, I do enjoy thinking about the fact that I am at a university living away from home, doing my own laundry, cooking for myself, among other things.  I love my family and cannot wait to see them come Parents Weekend or Thanksgiving, I am very excited about this new chapter of my life that I am starting.

I am training to work in the writing center at Bloomsburg.  It is an amazing opportunity and I feel I am learning a lot.  However, I have to say I will be even more excited once I am able to actually start my job in the center.  Another thing I look forward to is being able to possibly get an internship in the summer for my Capstone requirement.  Bloomsburg has offered me amazing opportunities with BUNow, The Voice, The Writing Center, and of course Her Campus.  I look forward to even more that Bloomsburg will be able to offer me and I am sure that I will be having just as excellent of a time as I have been since I started.


My name is Jessica and I love reading,musicals, TV shows (especially Arrow), comics, watching movies and Netflix, and traveling. I am a Mass Communications major, with a concentration in Journalism, at Bloomsburg University and I plan to graduate in May 2018. I hope to go onto to work in book publishing or writing for some kind of media outlet as well as working in a major city such as New York or Philadelphia.
I am a 23 year old senior at Bloomsburg University. I am a Mass Communications major on the telecommunications track and with a concentration in Public Relations.