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Lucie Shawcross ’17

Hometown: Bloomsburg, PAFavorite Designer: CoachFavorite Place To Shop: Forever 21/Charlotte Rousse

Your Style:Her Campus: How would you describe your overall fashion style?Lucie Shawcross: I would describe my fashion style as laid back. I like to be comfortable but look cute at the same time.

HC: What’s your favorite season to dress for?LS: Definitely summer. In the summer you have a lot more options than during colder months because you can wear shorts or jeans, tank tops or short sleeves, sandals or flip flops or sneakers…

HC: What are some of your favorite accessories?LS: I’m not really an ‘accessories’ kind of person.

HC: Would you consider yourself a “shopaholic?”LS: Hmmm, not really. I don’t really feel the need to shop, but if I want to then I will. It’s not a necessity though.

HC: What’s your ideal outfit choice for a night out?LS: It depends on my mood and depends where I’m going. If I’m feeling comfy I’ll wear leggings, but if I want to do a little extra I’ll wear jeans and a sweater.

HC: Are you more of a “jean-type” of girl, or “legging-type?”LS: Once again, depends on my mood. Usually leggings though.

HC: What can you typically be spotted wearing most? LS: Sweatshirt, leggings/jeans and boots or Toms.

HC: Does your outfit choice ever affect your mood? If so, why?LS: Yes, definitely. If I’m tired and I roll out of bed I’ll wear sweats or leggings, but if I get up early and I’m feeling happy I’ll dress nice for the day.

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