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A Lazy’s Girls Guide to College

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Bloom U chapter.

Do you ever find yourself lying in bed 20 minutes before you have to leave for class thinking about how you’re going to look presentable with the most minimal effort? That’s me every day. In my past 3 years of being a college student, I’ve learned some tips and tricks on how to survive as a lazy girl and today I’m going to share!



PLAN! Plan your days out according to how much time you need to dedicate to work so you don’t over-do your leisure time. Make sure you allow time for classes, homework and studying. During these allocated time periods, make sure you are devoting your time and effort to the designated task only so you get it done on time. Planning will show you how much down time you have so you can spend it accordingly.


Everyone knows about the infamous “freshman 15.” Easy ways to avoid that are to eat clean and exercise regularly. To motivate myself to exercise, I like to take my phone to the gym and watch Netflix while I work out. Even if you just walk on the treadmill for 2 episodes of your favorite show, this allows you to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine.


While ramen and microwave mac & cheese may seem like your only easy food options, there are other healthy alternatives that can make for easy meals and snacks. If you like to cook (and have access to a full kitchen), meal prepping on the weekends could be a good option for you. This means you’ll only have to cook once and then you’ll heat up your meals throughout the week. In the morning, you can quickly mix berries into your yogurt and take it to go. Soups with vegetables are a good alternative to ramen as they provide more nutritional value. 


I’m all for leggings, a hoodie and a pony tail every day. However, sometimes I want to look a little more put together. Easy ways to do this is to throw a denim jacket over your favorite tee and use a fun scrunchie in your hair to make it look like you tried harder. I also like to have clean, fun sneakers to add to my simple outfits. And don’t be afraid to add some accessories like necklaces and sunglasses!

Beauty Routine

For starters, don’t be afraid to rock your bare face! Everyone can and shouldf eel beautiful in their own skin. But I know on certain days, like when I need to present something to my class, I like to add a little makeup to make me look more presentable. My go-to lazy makeup routine is as follows:

First, I conceal spots and under eyes. After setting my concealers, I’ll bronze my face and add a little blush to bring color and dimension back in. Then I’ll give my eyebrows a good brush, swipe on some eyeshadow and run some mascara through my lashes. If I’m feeling extra boujie that day, I’ll rub a little bit of highlighter on the tip of my nose and throw on some lip gloss. 

Currently a senior at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, pursuing a bachelor's degree in business management.