How It Feels to Love College


It’s crazy to think that just two short years ago I was a freshman. They went by so fast. I hope these last two years go by a little slower. I just moved off campus and into an apartment with my best friends. I’m not ready to leave this place I call home, not in two months for Thanksgiving, not in two years when I graduate, not ever. It has my heart; it has since I first toured it 3 years ago. It’s crazy to see how times have changed and how much I have changed since that day.

College has been the greatest years of my life, and I’m saying this at only twenty years old. I know that nothing can be better than these four years, in my favorite place on earth, with the greatest people I have ever met, gaining the most amazing experiences, and being the happiest I ever have been.

There’s something about college that makes you want to stay forever. It could be the independence you get from living on your own. The freedom you have to do what you want. Taking the classes you want to, to have a career that you want. It could be the fantastic friendships you’ve formed or the organizations you are involved in. There is just a happiness that comes with going to a college you love. I hope you’re as happy at your college as I am at Bloomsburg University.