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How to Block Party Like a Pro: Part II, Style Guide

Assuming you’ve completed, or at least gotten a decent start, on the nine vital preparation tips from yesterday’s guide, it’s time to focus on the most important decision you’ll make for this upcoming Block Party 2014: your outfit, of course!

Although Block Party attire can be especially confusing for first-timers, we veterans still struggle with what to wear come the morning of the big day. We’ve all experienced the epic outfit meltdown that involves trying on every piece of clothing you own, only to rip it off of your body and throw it on your floor, followed by the grand moment of defeat when you stare at your naked-self in the mirror and scream, “Screw it, I’m not going out!” To avoid this catastrophic and emotionally exhausting event, start planning your outfit today. That way, if you find that you really have nothing to wear, you still have enough time to raid your friends’ closets or have a last-minute online purchase overnighted!

Block Party attire can vary considerably depending on your personal choice. However, the main thing to keep in mind is that no matter which direction you decide to take your outfit, comfort is key. Block party makes for a long, sloppy-drunk day. Nothing is worse than facing these conditions in shoes that rub you the wrong way or shorts that ride up your you-know-what.

Most girls decide to rock Converse or Vans on the day of Block Party. If this is your plan, MAKE SURE TO BREAK THEM IN BEFORE WEARING THEM! Both of these shoes give you killer blisters during the first few wears, and nothing will ruin your day faster than bloody ankles. While sitting in front of the TV this week, work out the back of the shoe that wraps around the rear part of your ankle. Apply pressure and bend them in every direction, as far as they go. Do this for a total of about 20 minutes to a half hour per shoe. Trust me, your feet will thank you.

If you decide to wear flip flops, the same deal applies—although I would recommend a closed, comfortable shoe. It always ends up getting chilly later in the day of Block Party, and nothing’s worse than cold feet. On the other hand, Block Party events get pretty crazy, and you’re probably going to get stepped on a lot. It’s in your best interest to protect your feet—and your pedi—by wearing closed shoes.

Another vital accessory on the day of Block Party for every colliegette is an awesome pair of sunglasses! Whether it’s sunny as hell or mostly cloudy, it’s still brighter outside at 2p.m. than 10p.m., which is the time that most of us are accustomed to going out. If you thought your “drunk eyes” were bad in last weekend’s picture at Hardware, just wait until you see them in broad daylight. Sunglasses are the ultimate tool in masking your level of intoxication in photos. Plus, they give you a laid back, summery look! Keep in mind however, the higher your B.A.C., the more likely you are to lose or break your shades. This being said, you may want to invest in a cheap pair of plastic Ray-Ban knockoffs.

While the above are absolute-must’s for Block Party attire, the rest is completely up to you. If you still find yourself confused, here are some comfortable and cute looks that you simply can’t go wrong with on the big day.


1. High-Waist Denim Shorts:  With the weather finally breaking, Block Party is the perfect day to debut your daisy dukes!


2. Patterned Shorts: These are one of my favorite new trendy styles. Wearing a patterned short with a plain top is a great way to spice up an outfit and accent your lower assets!

3. Shredded Denim:  No, I don’t mean your favorite pair of skin tight, ripped-knee, Hollister jeans from 8th grade. Although shredded jeans are making a fierce comeback, the modern way to wear this pant is in a looser fit with a cropped or cuffed hem. Pair with an oversized tee for a laid back, trendy look.

4. Cardigans or Sweaters:  Pairing a cardi or a sweater with shorts is a great way to adapt to spring’s changing weather. You can show off some leg while still keeping warm. If it’s too chilly on the day of Block Party, this look goes great with leggings or jeans as well. These pieces are timeless, but you can add some modern flair by selecting a patterned cardigan or sweater and pairing it with neutral bottoms.


5. Maxi-anything:  Spring is the season of maxi’s! Nothing screams fun and flirty like a maxi skirt or dress. Be careful not to select anything too dressy, however, as Block Party is definitely a casual event. If you’re worried that you look “too dressed up,” throw a jean jacket or denim vest over top to lighten up the look. Also be mindful of the length of your skirt/dress, as you wouldn’t want the hem to get stepped on or ruined from being outside and surrounded by drunk people all day!

6. Flower Headband: Although you definitely have to have the right head-shape for this accessory, if you can pull it off, floral headbands are the perfect piece for day-drinking events. They’re sweet, flirty, and give off a bohemian-hippie feel, which is very popular right now. Be careful to pair this headband with neutral pieces, as additional patterns may clash and appear to be “too much.”

7. Rompers:  Whether it’s short-sleeve, tank, sleeveless, shorts, or even pants – rompers are the perfect outfit for any outdoor event. They’re comfy, relaxed, and they don’t require a lot of thought. Rompers are a one-step ticket to a flawless look. For an event like Block party, make sure to dress them down with the appropriate casual shoes and accessories.

If you decide to sport a Block Party T-shirt—which tons of people do—there’s plenty you can do to spice up your look. Cutting, beading, and tying your shirt is a classic way to make it stand out. In addition, you can always go with the cut-off crop top look. Pairing that with high-waist shorts, leggings, or jeans (and a cardigan, if it’s chilly) is a great way to show off your Block Party pride while still maintaining a modern, comfy, and cute look.

Look out for Part III of “How to Block Party Like a Pro,” which will feature helpful tips to follow on the big day!

Kaitlyn Andrey is a senior Mass Communications/Journalism major at Bloomsburg University. She is a member of the executive board and serves as one of the senior editors of BloomU's chapter of HerCampus. Kaitlyn is heavily involved with her national sorority, Sigma Sigma Sigma, of which she has just concluded her term as Vice President. She keeps herself busy during the week working as the Opinion Section Editor of BU's student-run newspaper, "The Voice," and spends her weekends bartending at a sports bar in her hometown. Kaitlyn is bold and eccentric. She is passionate about her career, and can't wait to begin her journey in the field.
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