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The Hottest New Couple On The Block

If you haven’t heard, Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez are reportedly in a relationship. These two are the most perfect pair and are really into each other because of how much they have in common.

  • They both have great careers.
    • Lopez is an amazing singer, dancer, actress, fashion designer, and producer.  She has starred in numerous movies, including some of my personal favorites such as Selena and Monster in Law.  She also has produced a number of award winning albums.  Rodriguez on the other hand is a retired New York Yankees shortstop and third base man who is considered one of the greatest baseball players of all time.
  • They both have kids that they adore.
    • Jennifer has a set of super adorable twins, Max and Emme and Alex has two daughters, Ella and Natasha.  They both put their families first and love spending time with their kids.
  • They both have Latin roots and a love for New York City.
    • Seeing Jenny is from the block and Alex grew up in New York, these two both have a great love for New York City. They also both have Latin roots which make them both flawless. They seriously both have the nicest skin and would look really nice next to each other in pictures.

A source told People that the two have been dating secretly for a couple months and that they are just having fun. Lopez is aware that Rodriguez is a ladies man and is being cautious. He has been around her family and kids and they are both just enjoying dating.  With a nickname as cute as A-Lo or J-Rod were all really hoping these two work out. Definitely keeping our fingers crossed! 

My names Jess and I'm a health science major at Bloomsburg University! 
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