Finals Week Through the Real Housewives

There is a special struggle college students face as finals week approaches that for some reason, the Housewives of America have an understanding of. 


When a professor hits you with additional work right before finals. When you waited all semester to do a major assignment. When you have to learn 15 chapters in a matter of 24 hours. When you realize attendance is 45% of your grade and you haven’t gone to class once. When you’ve been staring at your computer “studying” for 13 straight hours. When you rip your professor a new one on their end of the semester evaluations. your professor tells you they can’t round up your 73 to an A.When you walk into the final exam.  When you need some self-encouragement but you can’t help but admit... When you get the exam and you can’t even fill out the course information. When you get the exam and nothing on the study guide is on the test. When you’ve accepted the fact that you’re going to have to take Statistics for the third time.    When you’re proud of yourself for finishing the semester but you’re also dead inside. 


What you'll need as soon as you've finished all your finals.