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Alright Collegiettes, it’s almost finals week! And for all the upperclassmen, this is probably old hat for you but we’re here to offer some of our expert study tips to help you make the most of your time! 

  1. Utilize good tools!
    Make flashcards, break out the highlighters and neon sticky notes, use review guides, and take practices tests…anything that gets you away from just re-reading your notes. Keeping your mind active will make sure you’re getting the most out of studying.
  2. Reward yourself.
    Set goals and give yourself a little treat when you reach them. Grab a bite to eat after you finish highlighting two chapters in your textbook. Paint your nails when you get all your practice questions right. Positive reinforcement will help keep your spirits up and hopefully takes the feeling of dread out of exam week.
  3. Jam to some music.
    Having a great playlist can make any mundane study session turn into a dance party. Just don’t let it get you too distracted! Pick music that’s upbeat and keeps you motivated. Find a great Pandora station or listen to some of our own music selections for finals week. If you’re someone who gets too distracted combining music and studying, try out some classical music. It keeps you focused and drowns out the background noise if you’re studying in Starbucks or the library.
  4. Take breaks!
    This seems a little counterintuitive but it is a really essential method of keeping your mind stimulated. Trust us, if you’re staring at your notes but not really taking anything in – stop! Take a walk, get a coffee, watch an episode of TV, take a nap. Mindlessly going through the motions of studying isn’t going to help you. It just weighs you down and dampens your mood. Give yourself a 10 or 15 minute break for every hour or so you study.
  5. Find a location that works for you.
    So many of us cram into the library during finals week, it’s amazing that Harvey can even fit all of us. There’s the general rule that the higher the floor, the quieter the atmosphere. But for some, the library just doesn’t work for them. The Starbucks alcove underneath Commons has a little hustle and bustle but it has comfy seats and an endless supply of caffeine and Subway mere feet away.  If you want to get away from the hubbub of campus, check out the bookstore in town – it has a quiet and cozy atmosphere and a café.
  6. Schedule your time!
    It sounds so cliché but a well-planned study schedule can work wonders! Taking the time to figure out how much time you need to devote to certain classes can make your work load much lighter. You might spend an entire weekend obsessing over your Monday exam but then Tuesday rolls around and you realize you should have spent more time preparing for Thursday’s final. Realistically judge how much prep time you’re going to need and plan accordingly!
Kathryn is a loquacious and driven senior at Bloomsburg University studying English. Journalism has been her focus for almost eight years and she's slightly excited but mostly petrified of exploring her career options in a few short months. She can be found roaming the halls of Bakeless, yelling into the abyss in BU's student newspaper The Voice's office or making pancakes for her roommates.Check out her personal blog and her study abroad blog.
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