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Halloween will be here before you know it and what better way to show off your love for Disney than wearing a Disney inspired DIY costume! Here’s a list of Disney character costumes for yourself, couples, and friends. 1. Darla from Finding Nemo Even if Darla isn’t your favorite Disney character, she’s definitely a fun character to dress up as! You’ll need an oversized sweater, a plaid skirt, a clear bag with a fake fish, a piece of wire or pipe for the braces and pig tails. 2. Mary Poppins All you’ll need for this costumes is a white button up shirt, a long black skirt, black hat, a large purse, and an umbrella. 3.  Boo from Monsters Inc. Boo’s costume is a very simple one to put together. You may even have all the items you need already in your closet! All you need is an oversized pink sweater, purple leggings, white sneakers, and pigtails. 4. Tinker Bell She is a timeless Disney character and east to create for Halloween. All you’ll need is a green dress, wings which can be made out of cardboard, a wand, and your hair in a bun. You can also wear some glittery makeup to make your look even more magical! 5. Alice in Wonderland Rabbit The White Rabbit always seems to be in a hurry but the good thing about this costume is it doesn’t take a lot of time to create. you’ll need a white tutu, a watch themed item of some kind like this purse, and pipe cleaners for the ears. COUPLES COSTUMES 1. Carl and Ellie from UP If you don’t think Carl and Ellie are the most  adorable couple than are you even a Disney fan? To create Carl’s look you’ll need a sweater vest, a collared shirt, and glasses. For Ellie you’ll need a pair of overalls, a collared shirt, a soda cap pin, and a blacked out tooth. If you want to take the look to the net level you can even include aviator hars with goggles. 2. peter Pan and Wendy Peter and Wendy inspired costumes would make an adorable couple’s costume. For Wendy you’ll need a long blue dress and a hair bow and for Peter you’ll need a green top and pants, a green hat, and a red feather for the hat. 3. The Incredibles Being the Incredibles for Halloween is like getting the best of both worlds, their Disney characters and superheroes, you really can’t lose. For this, you’;; need red shirts, res pants, black material with circles for eyes cut out, and a marker to draw the logo on the shirt. 4. Cruella de Vil and a dog catcher Instead of being Disney heroes how about being a pair of villains? You can create the look for Cruella by wearing any kind of Dalmatian printed clothing and a black and white wig. For the dog catcher you’ll need a collared shirt and a net. 5. Donald Duck and Daisy Being Donald and Daisy is a great alternative to the very recreated Mickey and Minnie costumes, plus they’re super cute! For Donald you’ll need a blue shirt, red bow tie, and white buttons. For Daisy you’ll need a purple top, white tutu, and a pink hair bow. FRIEND COSTUMES 1. Woody and Buzz Lightyear Toy Story is a classic Disney movie and one thing that makes it so great is the amazing friendship that develop throughout the film, in particular Woody and Buzz. To DIY this dynamic duo you’ll need a cowboy hat, a red bandana, and a sheriff badge for Woody. For Buzz you’ll need wings which you can create with cardboard and different colored tape and a tulle tutu. You also can’t forget to put Andy on the bottom of your shoes which you can do by using duct tape. 2. Lilo and Stitch Being Lilo and Stitch is the perfect costume idea for friends who are also like ohana. For Lilo you’ll need a Hawaiian print dress and a lei and for Stitch you will need a blue dress and blue ears which can be made out of paper or felt. 3. Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Dressing as Pooh and Tigger is a great idea for childhood friends. For Pooh’s look you’ll need a red shirt and animal ears. Tigger’s look will need a tiger stripped shirt or dress, tiger ears, and whiskers. 4. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum These two are a classic pair and perfect to recreate with an inseparable friend. You’ll need yellow shirts, blue bows,and red hats to add a yellow paper flag on top. 5. Olaf and Sven Olaf and Sven are both very lovable characters. To recreate Olaf’s look you’ll need a white shirt which you can glue black pieces of felt on to, a white tutu, and you can make a hat by gluing felt onto a plain white hat. For Sven you’ll need a brown outfit, branches, a black headband, and make-up or face paint. t

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