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Crap Professors Do That Make You Can’t Even

Professors can be a great resource for survival in the collegiate universe.  From flexible office hours, sound notes, and writing letters of recommendation.  Your instructor is definitely someone you should be familiar with.  With that being said, there are some professors that no matter what you do, they are less than willing to help.  I appreciate any advice from anyone, but when a professor feels the need to patronize me over trivial things, I get pissed pretty quickly.  Girl, you have a PhD.  Take your trivial nonsense to someone else because I’m breaking all the stupid rules.


  1. They throw away the assignments you hand in if they are not formatted correctly.

        I hope that you don’t experience this, but be careful to always follow the format listed in your syllabus before turning in assignment.  Even if the assignment is only worth 5 or 10 points, it’s still worth getting them over a 0.  I had a professor throw away an assignment that I did because I had my name and date listed in the lower left hand corner and not the upper right hand corner.  Won’t make the same mistake twice. But, it made me say REALLY?!


2. They hand something back to you because you didn’t remove the spiral edges from where you tore the paper from your notebook.

    Seriously? Get. Your. Priorities. Straight.


3. They talk down about other faculty members or students who are in a different field or major.

    I love science, but it pisses me off when others talk down about people who pursue their interest in the arts or business, etc.  Those things may not seem important to you, but I promise you they are.  What did Albert Einstein say about not judging the fish on his ability to fly?  Yeah, exactly. We all have our own talents.


4. They get offended if you break out a snack during lecture.

    Okay, listen. I have been up since 7 AM.  I have classes back to back from 10-2, and sometimes from 10-5.  I go right from class to an internship until 5.  f I’m trying to sneak some yogurt in my busy day, you have to deal.  Besides, eating and walking at the same time is bad for you.


5. They won’t work with you about their office hours.

    I hate when I have a packed schedule and can literally never get to someone’s office hours.  Especially, if their office hours are during another class that I can’t miss the lecture for.  It just throws off my whole day.  Yes, I know the universe doesn’t revolve around me, but throw me a bone here.

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