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The Collegiette’s Guide to Spring Cleaning

Warmer weather is (hopefully!) on the horizon and there’s just something about extra sunlight and longer days that makes us want to dust off the cobwebs. We’re not talking about extreme cleaning or anything but spring is a fresh start to the year so you should breathe some new life into your apartment or dorm, too!

While that’s a great idea in theory, no one really wants to spend their entire weekend cleaning but there are little things that you can do to make a difference and help you feel like spring is finally here. Plus, it will make moving out of your dorm or apartment after the semester much easier!

Organize your closet.Weekdays can be crazy because we’re scrambling for our favorite cardigan and running out the door and the fashion shows we put on for our roommates on the weekends ensure that our closets pretty much look like a war zone. Hang up and fold everything that needs a place. Hey, you may even find items you forgot about, which is basically like shopping without spending any money!

Haven’t worn something this semester? Consider donating it to Goodwill. You’re helping out those in need and making room for this summer’s upcoming trends. It’s a win-win.

Clean out your fridge.This one isn’t that fun but it may be very necessary.  Get your roommates in on the project and empty the entire contents of your fridge. Claim what’s yours, throw out what’s gone bad and eat your leftovers. Then wipe down the inside shelves to clean up any funky spills. Trust us, you’ll thank yourself later.

Check underneath your bed.Yea, we’re not really sure what’s underneath ours either. But you may just find that extra iPhone charger you were looking for or your favorite pair of Toms that accidently got shoved to the back.

Give your hard drive a good scrub.While we always want to call it a day after running the vacuum, we often forget that our computers can hold onto a ton of garbage files and downloads that we don’t even remember saving. Create folders for your school work and dump junk files. Throw corrupt music files into the Recycle Bin and empty it when you’re done. You may even notice your laptop running a little faster once you’re done.

Throw away old papers.We have a habit of just shoving papers into any available drawer in our desks but some of those may be important. Take a peek inside your desk drawers and sort out some of those papers. Figure out what’s important and trash everything that’s not.

Peek inside your make up bag.We all love getting a little funky with our make up on the weekends but we typically have a routine for the every day. Check out some of those mascaras and foundations… turns out, make up has expiration dates. Yes, make up can be expensive so throwing away a half-full tube of mascara can seem like flushing money down the toilet. But our face has some of the most sensitive skin on our bodies so we need to be extra careful what we put on it. If you haven’t used all of a product by the time it expires, try to buy a smaller size next time you hit up Sephora.

Also, see if any nail polish has gotten thick. Just make sure to jot down what you throw away in case you need to replace it.

Happy cleaning, collegiettes!

Kathryn is a loquacious and driven senior at Bloomsburg University studying English. Journalism has been her focus for almost eight years and she's slightly excited but mostly petrified of exploring her career options in a few short months. She can be found roaming the halls of Bakeless, yelling into the abyss in BU's student newspaper The Voice's office or making pancakes for her roommates.Check out her personal blog and her study abroad blog.
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